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Bike runs with fuel switch/petcock in off

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by radial05, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    First post on here but been around for a while. Just got a question about my fuel switch. Just so you know I recently got my petcock assembly replaced as I ran out of fuel while it was in the ON position and nothing happened when I switched to reserve it was still not picking up fuel. Mechanic said this was probably the problem.

    I'm a bit worried that I'll run out again because my bike (spada 250) still runs even when the switch if in the OFF position even though i had the petcock replaced. How can I be sure it will actually change anything when I turn the switch from on to RES?


  2. :rofl:
    My Spada does the same thing!
    Have you got an inline fuel filter too? You should...
    It means the filter assembly in the tank (mounted on the other side of the petcock...) is gone, leaving only the plasticcy frame.
    This frame should still contain the pickup holes for the RUN and RES positions, so you should still have a reserve option. Mine does...
  3. Sounds like the knob is on back to front.. If it's a carby bike it will run for a min or so on the fuel in the bowls.
  4. reset odometer when you fill up, rather than relying on reserve
  5. That too. It's rare I get that low anyways cos I fill up at 200 clicks...
  6. Thanks for the responses guys!

    Yeah I reset my tripmeter every fill, am absolutely paranoid about running out again as last time i ran out with the trip meter at 135 - I think I didnt fill it up for some reason that time. I'll take a photo of the fuel filter and stuff tomorrow and post it.

    Thanks again
  7. How do you know you were not picking up fuel? Are you sure it was not working? Once you empty carby bowls it is possible it may take a while to refill. And on some bikes you may need to use a "prime" position to re-establish flow since the bike may only get fuel when in the on or reserve position using the vaccuum of the running engine. Sorry not sure if your bike fits that category.

    if you have the owner's handbook it should tell you whether your petcock positions are on, prime and reserve or on , off and reserve.

    Also as stated even if you switch off your bike will run for a while on the fuel in the carby bowls. On the Hwy if my bike needs to go to reserve if I put it back to normal I can run for about one kilometre on the fuel in the bowls.

    The two ways I can think to find out if reserve is working is to run the bike down to wher you need it and switch over (dangerous if you are in the middle of nowhere, but you could organise to do it riding around the block or have a mate follow with backup fuel) or take the tank off switch to reserve and see whether fuel flows in the various positions. However in the latter situation if your positions are normal prime and reserve, you will probably only get flow from the prime position.