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Bike running strange after service

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Shoreline, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Took my Cagiva Raptor 1000 into dealer for first service, had just done day out to Redland Bay and bike ran fine, revved to 10,000 and went well all day.

    Booked bike in for Friday, service carried out and scott oiler fitted. Took bike home, Saturday went for ride around Surfers Paradise, went well until about 1 hour into riding, mixed types of roads, it wouldn't pull hard, coughed and spluttered if I went over 8K revs.

    Went home and rang dealer on monday, took bike down (about 30 mins ride and it was alittle rough, but not too bad when I got there, they had a look and found crimped vacuum hose, assumed this was the problem and I picked the bike up again.

    Got 25 mins down the road and it played up again, wouldn't pull past 8k, then 5 km's down road it wouldn't pull past 6 then 4.

    Arrived home switched bike off, got on phone dealer said bring it back in, only left bike for around 5 minutes, started it up and it would pull to 10500 (redline) no problem, by the time it got back to dealer it wouldn't pull past 3k, CB250 beet me of the lights :oops:

    Everytime dealer tries, they cannot duplicate the problem, either they do not ride it hard enough or long enough.

    Long post but has anyone else come across this before, could it be wrong plugs or something?

    Dealer is trying everything, can't blame them. May be coincidence just don;y know.

    PS, disconnected the scottoiler but that did not do anything.
  2. scottoiler runs off a vacuum system
  3. A mate of mine had a VTR firestorm and had it serviced. When he got it back everything seemed fine until he went 1 block. Coughed and spluttered. Managed to coax it back to the shop.

    Turns out they pinched a fuel line when reinstalling the fuel tank. :mad:

  4. Sounds like a fuel delivery problem to me too.
    Is the tank pulling a vacuum? try opening the filler cap next time it does it, and listen for a whoosh.
    Pinched fuel line sounds good too, but they may have spotted that when you went back?

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Would that only happen when the bike has been run for 1/2 an hour, or straight from the garage?
  6. If the top vent is blocked, then it would be a gradual loss of fuel in the carbs (tank wants to "suck" the fuel back up to equalise the pressure), and hence, would take time to develop. Is the scott-oiler okay?
  7. Like I said, we removed the scottoiler and blocked the vac pipe that went to it, still no change, I have to put up with a loaner VTR1000 in the mean time. Better than the Triumph Speedmaster I was given during the service though.
  8. OK, update, VTR1000 has gone back and physio resumes soon (joking), they found the small actuator that controls a flap in the airbox was loose, thus, when cracking open the throttle, the flap is supposed to let more air in and it didn't. Running real rich meant that the bike coughed and spluttered at around 8-10000 revs at full throttle.

    Now its fixed it pulls hard. Must say, I have nothing but respect for the mechanics at Moto Arena on the Gold Coast for all their hard work fixing the bike.
  9. Excellent service eh? More than I could ever deal with.

    They even managed to loan you a litre bike. Most places will try and fob you off with a widdle two fiddy.