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Bike Running Rich?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nodz, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. I suspect that my bike is running too rich but can't be sure. What are the symptoms and how do you cure it?

    Some info:
    Bike: CB250
    Rider: 90Kg, 6 foot tall

    Struggles with power and speed at top end, anything passed about 85kmph
    (Yes, I know its a CB250 and I'm heavy so no jokes about either of those!)

    Quite black/sooty exhausts. Don't appear to be burning oil. No burnt oil smell from exhausts, no white smoke, not losing oil level in engine.

    Will be checking sparks at w/e to determine if they are fouled or need replacing.

    Idle speed is supposed to be 1500 +/- 100 rpm
    I've currently got 1850rpm, so I'll probably back off the idle adjustment.

    I've got a feeling that the bike was tuned for regular unleaded and I'm using PULP. How can I determine if this is the case and what can I do? (Apart from take it to the mechs to be services/tuned - bike is also coming up to 24000km service point)

  2. Sooty exhausts is one.
    Spark plugs (see this link )
    And often the bike just won't ride right (something feels wrong)

    Try switching to regular unleaded. If your bike improves then great, if not then back to square 1. My bike does not fare well with premium at all...
  3. Your bike is a low compression motor.
    Using pulp in this machine is wasting money, seriously, hence the reason it is running rich.
    If you want to continue running pulp then you can get hotter spark plugs in order to get more burn.