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Bike Roadworthyness for NSW "P" test

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ZX-5R, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. My Wife is going for her P's test tomorow at St Ives and I was wondering If they will pick on her for things like aftermarket small indicators, I heard they (indicators) have to be a minimum distance of of 25cm apart and the rear ones on the bike are only about 22cm from the inside edge of each lense.

    has anybody had any hassels with this before or any other modifications to thier bike like a louder pipe ?

  2. They do have a quick look over your bike, but I don't think they'll pull out a ruler to make sure the distance is exactly right... as long as the indicators work it should be OK. They are more interested in things like state of the tyres, and all the lights being functional... that's about it.
  3. Ok Cool,

    when I did my P test back in 2001on my Old kwaka Z250t The instructer found it had a slight oil leak that I didnt know about. He told me I couldnt use it and if I wanted to continue i would need to rent a bike from them
  4. Instructors are riders. They look for safety issues, but stuff like loud pipes etc, they tend to ignore.
  5. I had one rear indicator out when I went for mine out at St Ives. They wouldn't let me do the test until it was fixed... Luckily the Servo across the road keeps a good stock of motorcycle indicator globes (I wonder why...)
  6. hahaha lucky.... You didnt notice it when you were on your way there ? mine dont flash when ones gone they just light up
  7. Yeah, I knew it was broken, was just hoping that no-one would notice... :oops:
  8. Hey, I'm doing my P's at St Ives on Sunday :grin: I've done a couple of things with HART and I agree that they tend to check that the important stuff works and you're not running bald tires.