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Bike riding through melb flood. The age.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jonesaus, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. On the age website right now is an article about the rain and flooding in melbourne and the pic next to the headline is of someone on a motorbike riding seat deep through the water. In the article I can't find the full size image does anyone know where the pic is? Would love to see it. Looks like it's some kind of sports tourer.

    Also, how deep do you think you can ride until either the bike conks out or starts drifting away :p
  2. Looking at the pic it isn't as deep as it seems, it isn't above his wheels just the splash as he is going through makes it look deeper to me. I grabbed the pic and blew it up, but its pretty blurry

  3. [-([-([-([-( the guy isnt wearing all the appropriate gear, wheres his scuba and paddles?
  4. A z750 can get water up to the base of the tank........
  5. A KLR650 with a T mod can get water up to the exhaust pipe (pretty tall bike ;) ) Creek and river crossings completed many times :)

  6. Like this one Lil, this is you almost up to your arse.......what a woman =D>
  7. As long as the intake doesn't go under you'll be fine!

    Can't make out the bike, maybe VTR? On most sportbikes, the intake is up under the tank, so well above the top of the wheel.
  8. Glad it wasn't me! Instead, yesterday my car was making "bubble" noises out the exhaust as I drove through some fairly deep water on my way home. Wouldn't have wanted it to get any deeper!
  9. You can through deeper water if you're on the back wheel ;)
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  11. cbr600f3?
    pic shamelessly stolen from peskysheepy
  12. Maybe he was cleaning his chain. Its a big puddle of WD40?

    Hows this from The 'Slander-Sun'
    Fully Sic Bro can take his car ANYWHERE!

    Until.....yep.he's flooded the engine....Ooooppssssy Daisy

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  13. Herald Sun version of The Age bike in water photo

  14. pfft if you go fast enough the bow wave goes over your head.

    He wasn't going fast enough.

    bike is more likely not to "float" like a car, although Floods can hide big pot holes.

    I opened this expecting to see a picture of me, tbh.
  15. Haha, I found myself in water up around my ankles on the R1 the last time we had flash flooding. Not such a big deal!! haha
  16. I had water about half way up my vtr250 during a flash flood a month or so back, Didn't find it that hard to navigate, just had to keep the momentum going, but I can see how you could get unstuck, and if it goes over your kind of boned..
  17. Some pics from just down the road from my place that I had to ride though on my way home on Friday

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  18. Damn that's a mighty effort, well done to all who had to ride thru water of those depths and made it thru unscathed. I think we're blessed in this side of Melbourne that we don't have that many hills, rivers that could flood and other potential hazards.
  19. What would you expect from someone with P-NIS H.R. numberplates.

    Not sure what the H.R. stands for though, I'm guessing "head ricer" might be apt.
  20. Funny he should come up again in conversation - I saw his car parked on one of the levels within a paid parking building on Lonsdale Street, around ~ 1:30pm yesterday, 6th Feb.

    I remember giggling when I saw his car - had we not been in ours, I would've taken a pic and posted here :D