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Bike Riders, non engine variety

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. How many, if any of you ride a "pushy"?

    How often?

    How far do you ride?

    What do you ride?

    What funky gear do you have?

    Do you ride in groups with a club?

    Are you part of Bicycle Victoria, Bicycling Australia, critical mass or any other body?
  2. I recently bought a mountain bike. Got a $1000 off it because a close friend is a sales rep of the company (Rock Machine).

    It's basically http://www.rockmachine.us/old/04_preview/bikes_04/teamten.jpg except with custom seat and different tyres.

    I ride 5-7 days a week. Mainly just ride around my area. Regaining fitness due to being lazy (always using m/bike to get around etc :) )

    No funky gear, just a helmet. Don't belong to to anything push bike related nor do I ride with groups, yet. Going to ride with my friends once I get up to a certain fitness/skill. Lots of my friends are 'hardcore' bike riders and do lots of high skill riding/terrain most weekends. I'd hate to slow them down if riding together
  3. Used to ride nearly every day to work - would often go for a ride after (advantage of knocking off at 3pm) so used to run up around 200-250ks per week (50k per day). Switched to a motorcycle since I now have further to travel each morning but still get the mountain bike (Giant Boulder SE) out now and then especially during the summer months. Riding is usually a mix of road and dirt, around 40-50ks at a time though I have managed a 100k stint once. Don't ride in groups, don't belong to a club and I don't wear lycra.
  4. I'm a long time pushy rider. I started off with BMX then went to mountain then to road and now I have a mountain again. I have a giant yukon and a norco scrambler. I also have a phillips 'kiddy carrier' for the young one. Not doing many K's anymore as family and work dominate my time. But one day I'll get back into full day rides. Maybe even get to ride NZ like I have wanted to for ages. When I was down Warrnambool way I had a few people I would ride with but since the move I have struggled to find a ride partner.
  5. How many, if any of you ride a "pushy"?
    I used to race both Track and Road and was on my pushy daily for commuting to work when I move to the city and stopped racing. But the pushy has hardly seen the light of day since I got my babyblade 4 years ago and work demanded I use my car soon after.

    How often?
    These days I might bring out the bike if I'm dropping the car off for a service and need to get back home to the blade to head into work.

    How far do you ride?
    Its about 5km to the service centre

    What do you ride?
    Second Hand Hillman Race bike.

    What funky gear do you have?
    Full kit....wonder if all that lycra goodness still fits.....

    Do you ride in groups with a club?
    Used to race and train with the local cycling club...but mostly solo.

    Are you part of Bicycle Victoria, Bicycling Australia, critical mass or any other body?
    I've only ever a member of the Hamilton Cycling Club, done a tour of the Western District but wouldn't mind checking out a critical Mass ride or the Great Victorian Ride at some stage.
  6. Awesome,

    I have an old (15yr) road bike that has a fair bit of rust.
    I was thinking of bringing it back to life till I tried on a Giant CRX3 06 model.

    I need a flatbar due to the stuffed shoulder and wrists. I wanna lower the fatness level and raise the fitness levels.

    I wouldn't mind joining critical mass for a look-see :)
    Im one of them curious types :)
  7. that CRX3 bike looks like mine except I have disc brakes on my bike

    oh and front forks with suspension stuff in them
  8. yep i ride a bike. whenever its not pissing down with rain and i'm going somewhere near home i get on the bike. for some reason its easier to deal with knob drivers. maybe cause im going slower. its a mountain bike avanti somethingorother from a coupla years ago. got street tyres for it and its much better to ride. not a member of any groups or anything. just a helmet and gloves for me. my hands slide around on the grips otherwise.
  9. Just what I need, another pushie rider taking up even more space on Beach Rd on a Satdee morning. :LOL: .. What is it with pushie riders, if we rode like they do, we would have plod pulling our licences and making us join the Lycra clad bum bandit brigade. :twisted:
  10. Used to live on my MTB bike once upon a time. Averaged round 300ks a week on it, mainly on the dirt. Kinda got busy with other things for a few years. Got back into it, then moved to melbourne. The 2nd last day I was going to be riding it to the city (before picking up the blade) some prick decided he deserved my bike more than I did. So now Im bikeless, but am slowly saving a bit here and there.
  11. I do.

    I like to get out 1-3 times per week, but there will be no more riding until the end of the year due to a shoulder reconstruction. No motorbikes either.

    It just for pleasure now so a ride can range from 15-55 kays.

    A pretty old mountain bike that I have had to rebuild once.

    No funky gear, just some good all purpose mountain bike stuff. It's not all fluoro lyrca like most people think.

    No membership with any one, but next year I might join a mountain bike club when I buy a new one.
  12. I do too.
    As often as possible.
    fitness and pleasure (road and mtb) anywhere between 40 and 80 km at a time.
    flat bar road bike modified and a duel suspension mtb
    general mtb gear, though good quality, no adverts on it.
    member of bicycle victoria and a volunteer with them as well.
  13. 1. I do.
    2. Everyday to/from work; lunchtime ride also, if the weather is good.
    3. 20-40Km daily.
    4. Big W MTB special (I have two and apart from punctures they have never let me down).
    5. Don't own funky gear.
    6. I often ride home from work with a mate (he gets to work early, I get to work late).
    7. Nope.
  14. I thought about buying a pushie once but it all sounded like hard work , never thought about it again :D .
  15. hey vic is that a hybrid style bike ?? Shit i used to be so fit once.. :LOL: :LOL: I was right into bike riding, road and mtb. Still got the Dodsun mtb, 15 year old i think now, but very well looked after and still in top nick. comes out sometimes but the knees hurt so dont do as much as i would like to.. No funky gear just shorts and riding shoes.
  16. How many, if any of you ride a "pushy"?
    you can count that up later

    How often?
    daily round the block, but i'll hopefully get a bit of time to hit some trails again soon

    How far do you ride?
    was riding to work every day till i got my licence back, now its a 10k ride in the morning before work

    What do you ride?
    2003 GT avalanche 2.0 frame with everything changed on it :D i had an 05 avanti barracuda but didn't like the frame so did a bit of swapping and added a nice set of fox vanilla forks and now i've got a real solid hardtail (at least to my budget :oops: )

    What funky gear do you have?
    ummmm.... a pair of sunnies? ooh and a pair of mtb shoes. thats about the extent of my cycling clothing :LOL:

    Do you ride in groups with a club?
    nope.... i'm a loner :(

    Are you part of Bicycle Victoria, Bicycling Australia, critical mass or any other body?
    my sister is a member of bike vic, so she fills me in on all the goss there (fecking bike NUT she is, worse than me with motorbikes :shock: ), never heard of bike aus, and critical mass just seem like a bunch of whinging all middle aged city dwellers with too much time on their hands :LOL: apologies if this isn't so, but i only see the bad stuff i guess :?

    whats going on vic, getting fit for summer? :wink:

    treadlies rock 8)
  17. missed that post :oops:

    good stuff tho mate, dont just look at the external results tho, cos its the internal stuff thats really mind blowing. going from being a couch potato desk jockey to riding every day does ridiculous things for your energy levels and you wont know what to do with those massive leg muscles :LOL:

    a couple of weeks of daily riding will see you a new man :D
  18. How many, if any of you ride a "pushy"?

    How often?
    4 or 5 30-80km rides a week, plus 40k a week to work and back

    How far do you ride?
    See above Mostly 40ish rides with a 70-80k once a week or so. Unless I'm back up the country, then its 50k tops all offroad but twice as tuff.

    What do you ride?
    I gotta Apollo LSX 1.2
    What funky gear do you have?
    Everything :twisted: like my motorcycling its full on or nothing. disc brakes, Specalized shoes, lycra Knicks, gloves, road and offroad tyres. I love it.
    Do you ride in groups with a club?
    nope.... but i always wanted to
    Are you part of Bicycle Victoria, Bicycling Australia, critical mass or any other body?
  19. 2 x MTB

    ...but as they are not with me in my travels, I just have to force myself to ride the motorised version everyday instead!!! :p

    Later is another matter however... :D
  20. How often?
    Everyday after for for a hour and a half.

    How far do you ride?
    Dunno exactly.

    What do you ride?
    White MEGABIKE Aligator bought from Rebel Sport.

    What funky gear do you have?
    Fox gloves...not sure what exact type...full fingered.

    Do you ride in groups with a club?

    Are you part of Bicycle Victoria, Bicycling Australia, critical mass or any other body?