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SA Bike riders in speed gun sights

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dsyfer, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/...speed-gun-sights/story-e6frea83-1226532668077

    POLICE have put motorcyclists on notice - warning them that they will not get away with driving dangerously and putting other road users at risk.

    Operation Safe Hills 2012, launched today, will target speeding motorcyclists in the Adelaide Hills in a bid to address what police say is a significant problem.

    Officers armed with speed cameras will be out in force between Lyndoch and Victor Harbor over the next three months using covert tactics aimed at reducing road trauma.

    The dangers of speeding motorcyclists are being highlighted as part of Staying Alive, a road safety awareness campaign run by The Advertiser and Sunday Mail in conjunction with SA Police, the Motor Accident Commission and the RAA.

    Statistics show 48 motorcyclists have died on the state's roads since January 2010, with speed or dangerous driving a contributing factor in more than 40 per cent of fatalities.

    Traffic Support Branch officer-in-charge Superintendent Bob Fauser said police had received many complaints of motorcyclists racing through the Adelaide Hills and warned riders they would be caught if they continued to drive at high speeds.

    Supt Fauser said motorcyclists were at greater risk of serious injury if they were involved in a crash, especially at high speed, because they were more exposed than other road users.

    "Preventing fatalities resulting from motorcycle crashes is a significant challenge for SA Police," Supt Fauser said.

    "In November 2011, our overt cameras captured road users in the Adelaide Hills exceeding the designated speed limit by up to 90km/h.

    "These results suggest that there is a significant problem in that particular area."

    Supt Fauser said the operation was primarily aimed at motorcyclists.

    However, other road users who drove dangerously and put responsible motorcyclists at risk also would be caught.

    Statistics also show 15 of 48 motorcycle deaths happened in the Hills/Fleurieu region and the majority of fatal crashes happened between 3pm and 3.59pm.

    There have been 12 motorcycle fatalities so far this year, compared with 19 at the same time last year.
  2. Just imagine if they were not covert but out there in plain sight, how many more they would save from road trauma? Nothing slows people down like a police car/bike out in plain sight for all to see.
    Yet another revenue raising exercise
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  3. So based on the stats provided approximately 1 Motorcyclist will die in the hills region during this three month period.
    So if one rider dies in the area over the next three months their operation is a complete failure and if more than one dies they've had an adverse effect.
    Smart move, sure everyone feels safer already
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  4. The biggest safety device you have at your disposal is common sense. I see and hear so many telling how it was the other guy's fault when a little common sense and they would have avoided the other richard cranium. It is easy to whine about the police when they try to enforce a little common sense. There is no way they can stop the carnage until the rider wakes up to himself and stops looking for someone else to blame.
  5. You’ve got to love the “ethical” use of the stats. The yearly figures are so small that they need to use three years of figures in an attempt to justify their revenue raising and jobs for the boys.

    It would be far more cost effective for the South Australian government to reduce the number of police.
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  6. I am so shocked that riders and motorists are breaking the speed limits in the Adelaide Hills!


    Simply can't believe it!

    I mean, really, since so many of the hills roads were reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h, what possible reason could there be for exceeding the speed limit? Gee, you're hard pressed now to get up to that dizzying speed!

    And the concentration required once you're hurtling along through the hills at 80, whoa!

    You can see why the police have to resort to using cameras! Quite frankly, how on earth are mere police officers, despite their fine training, going to manage to catch whatever superhuman that can maintain beyond 80km/h in those conditions? Indeed, I am surprised that the shutter speeds on the cameras are quick enough!

    Me - I'm going to head to the kitchen for a Horlicks to try and settle down. It's all a bit much!

    Cheers all.
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  7. If their "covert" tactics are like here, it'd just be TRAGIC if someone unleashed a bunch of highly venomous snakes where those cocksuckers hide in their camo.
  8. Also:

    "putting other road users at risk."

    How many people besides those on the bikes have been harmed by motorcyclists in the same period?
  9. I live in the Adelaide Hills, and ride them daily.

    The problems arise on the weekends when you have a great mix of:

    Packs of lycra clad Lance Armstrong wannabes, who are unwilling to let people past.

    Packs of Mum & Dads who don't know how to drive, and who's ego's make them refuse to use the slow turn ins.

    Packs of import turbos thinking they are trying to break the Pike's Peak record.

    Packs of articulated quarry semis, that vary from 40km/h under the limit, to the guys that seem to run all the way down the hill without using the brakes.

    Packs of freshly leathered weekend only riders, fresh from watching TT3d, out to get some scrape marks on their knee sliders.

    I have personally had all of the above appear on my side of the road in a corner coming the wrong way, mainly on weekends, all would have been under the speed limit.

    Not once has a speeding motorcycle caused more problems than an incompetent idiot not focussed on what they are doing no matter what their vehicle choice or speed they are travelling.

    Straight up revenue grab.
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  10. IF you read the article carefully it also says right at the end that rider fatalities are DOWN by 36%. It says speed OR dangerous driving contributed to 40% of fatalities, meaning that there was some other reason that 60% of riders died. Shouldn't police be focusing on whatever reason it is that caused 60% of fatalities instead?
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  11. Yes.
    Are we surprised that they're not?
  12. S.A is a fkn joke when it comes to road
    safety .
    they have no money and so they keep
    lowering speed limits for revenue .

    everyone adjusts , revenue drops so
    new speed limits are then the go .

    walking too fast will get you a fat fine soon
  13. Everywhere in this country is a fkn joke when it comes to road safety because there are so many mindless morons let loose in motor vehicles, the licencing system (in all states, but esp QLD) is a joke.
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  14. Follow up article from the weekend:


    So.......most of e speeders were cars?

    Why target bikes then!
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  15. In todays news, business as usual. Tax dollars are at work, ask no questions.

    This is better than the average "news" provided by that site/paper but it is still rather weak content wise.
  16. Looks like South Australia has adopted the Victorian model for increasing revenue .
    I feel for you .the police using the media as a propaganda tool
  17. heard from a pretty reliable place that cops in the SA hills are targeting people who are wearing 'racing gear' i.e full leathers.

    strange considering the 'gear up' message they're also sending us!
  18. Spastic useless wankers.
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  19. The corruption, private agenders and manipulation I expect.
    Not having a decent news paper shits me up the wall.