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Bike review, Road report, Touring diary........

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Tim 650, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. G'day folks, this is a bike review, a road report and a general babble about my day!!

    I will start with- On friday 13th october(spooky hey) I picked up my new Hyosung Aquila - GV650, still factory restricted, from Graeme Boyd M/C in Broadmeadow, Newcastle. I found the bike to vibrate quite a lot, but coming from a new XVS250 with everything rubber mounted, I took this as the norm, and found as the kms racked up the bike settled a lot. Great power(can't wait to de-restrict it), good gearing if even a little high, great seating possition, and useable controls. the pegs are at a good length for me and are adjustable for the shorter person. the gears are a little stiff, especially 1st, but the bike is getting better as it runs in, and I expect to have no problems. I have ordered a screen, a luggage rack and backrest. I have already picked up and fitted the back rest for the Mrs, and therein lies the next part of the story.......

    Since I picked up the bike, the weather has been mostly crap, and the fact i am on holidays for two weeks from work, the rubbish weather was all the more depressing. Then, today was BRILLIANT, I woke up about 9am and quickly began planning the 'big test ride' of the new bike going 2 up. After deciding on a run down the Old Pacific Hwy from Newcastle to Pie in the Sky(located at Cowan i think) for lunch with the Mrs on the back, I was on the road by 10am. I left with 1,023km on the bike and a full tank, the Mrs with a kevlar full body riding suite, and myself with jeans and a padded synthetic riding jacket. we took the F3 to peats ridge exit which was SO much better than my last bike, easily cruising at 120km/h, though i did notice the temp go up a bit while in the draft of other cars, no biggie. on to the back roads to the 'Old Road', where the bike began to show the sports bike within, wanting to lay into cornes with the greatest of ease, and pulling out of the bend in almost any gear was smooth, though the lil twin cam needs a bit of revs for motivation. Once around the area of 'Road Warriors Cafe' the tight corners(45km) seen the first of the scrapings that wasnt the pegs. O the left side, the sidestand was the first to touchdown but only while on throttle otherwise, my heel and the peg was the leanometer, on the right side, an exhaust clamp bolt hit the deck again while on acceleration through and out of the corner, But that was the only 'unexpected' thing to happen. The bike perfomed faultlessly, pulling hard out of even the faster corners, braking with confidence, and turning like a pro albeit with a slightly smaller lean.
    We arrived at Pie in the Sky to find we had no cash, so I "suggested" that the mrs grab a seat and I would be back shortly.......... WHAT A BLAST!!! The first real twisty stuff on the bike solo, and was i a happy chappy!!!! pulling out of U turn corners in 2nd was amazing, dragging the pegs as if to be ploughing the ground, and still the bike gripped!! Anything i did, It felt able to do better and I'm convinced that to loose traction on a good dry surface would mean almost purposly laying the bike down!!
    The road was great, dry and clear of debris. there was one small patch of oil from a recent acco, but that was it. A beaut warm, sunny day, a little windy but all in all, a superb day on the bike!!
    In conclusion, I have clocked up 281km and still have just under a third of a tank left(the best figures yet), the Mrs had a great day apart from the usual numb bum, and I'm TOTTALY happy with my Hyo........ What a ride ........ AND, while at pie in the sky, numerous amounts of sportsbikes and even a HD were looked over as people surrounded me with questions about the bike, an eye catcher indeed!!!!!!

    Thanx for your time, I hope your day was even close to as good as mine was!! hahahaha


    *Sits back and swigs on cold beer and yawns...*