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Bike review '95 XJR400

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by geeth, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. I have done about 1000 kms on the bike so far so it seems time to do a review.

    I purchased the bike a little over a month ago from a private sale. So far I have really been enjoying it.
    The seating position is more upright which suits my riding style and crappy back well. After riding for about 1.5 hours getting a coke and another 1.5 hours back the comfort on the bike has been fantastic. No back or arm pains at all.

    The cornering on the bike hasn't been tested to the fullest extent because I am still new to riding and don't want to push myself and the bike beyond what I can handle. But so far it has been alot of fun going up through the twisties.

    The bike by no means is a sports bike but still has enough get up and go to keep me happy.

    It is a heavy bike at 201 kg dry, but so far this hasn't been an issue except when I had to push it up a hill, but the bike sits nicely on the motorway.

    Being a grey import I haven't been able to find workshop manuals or owners manuals in english.

    I have had a couple of issues, one was the stator, reg/rect died so I was up for a bit there and now the front brake isn't turning on the brake light.
    But it was a cheap-ish bike and this isn't to unexpected.

    TLDR: comfy bike, good at cornering, good for newbs.
  2. I see from your pics it has a fairly high redline, what sort of revs is it usually sitting on when cruising at 100?
    Just curious how it compares with a four-cylinder 250 given the redline isn't that much lower and it'd still be limited to 180kph.

    The weight is certainly surprising, it's a lot more than other Japanese 400s (eg the 400 Bandit is only 165kg dry). How's the size compare with the larger 250s like the Bandit or Across?
  3. 4th - 8.5k
    5th - 7k
    6th - 6k

    I am not to sure I haven't actually been on any of those.
    It is a wide seat on the bike and the tank being 20l is wider. It's a good size for my 175 cm 80 kg meat sack known as my body.
  4. Ahh okay so the extra cc's really do drop the cruising revs - that's the one thing that used to annoy me the most touring on the 250.

    Only curious on size because I'm wondering where the extra 35kgs are. I mean at 201kg it's only 10kg lighter than my 750. :?