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bike rev problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by clem88, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. My bikes a 91 gpx 250. Stopped top of mountin after 30mins hard riding. Let bike sit 5 mins off. When i turned it on bike reved to 5ooo revs thinking maybe choke stuck got it in the off position stayed fideled for 45min. Before riding back it just would notgo below 5000 when got and stopped after only bout 10mins riding the bikes revs dropped to the normal 1000. And since no problem. Any ideas? Float in carburettor problem? Just a bit hot??

  2. No, the float allows fuel in to float chamber, it it the throttle that opens to pull that fuel from the float chamber. A stuck float may overfill but usually the symptoms are flooding or misfiring neither of which you describe. Stuck throttle is my guess or stuck choke. More likely throttle though. Check the throttle cables are running freely, check that the throttle handgrip is not binding or jamming, check where the throttle cable actuates the throttle valve on the carbs, do they bind at any part of their travel.
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  3. If it's not the cables, check the slides in the carb are moving freely(also butterfly valve if CV carb), diaphragm in good nick.

    Possible it's just fixed itself and everything will look ok
  4. Perhaps the heat soak as it sat while hot from the hard ride had caused something to expand and stick. You wouldn't want it to happen while riding, perhaps a carb service is a sensible idea.
  5. Hey thanks for all ure input definitely not the throttle fist thing i checked. My chokes a bust so i have to adjust manually at the end of the wire so definitely was off. Its been running good now just its blowing little smoke i drained all the 1 litre and didnt smell wierd andjust seemed like used collant. So it shouldnt be the main problems that used would be thinking
  6. So im guessing taking to a mechanic and see if they can find any problems