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Bike Respray - Fair Price ??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by paulm_collins, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a 93 Kawasaki ZZR250.
    I bought the bike from Sumoto and it has the original paintwork.
    It was OK until recently when it got blown over by a strong wind and I now have multiple scratches on the fairing and a bit of a crack, only very small.
    When it was in Sumoto for its 1st service lately I asked for a price for a full respray and to repair the fairing.
    They advised me that they would do the lot for $1200.
    I have absolutely no idea about this so wasnt sure if this was a fair price or not, can anybody please advise ?

  2. take some photos and than we'll see

    it does sound steep, i'm getting my fairing with some repaint done for $450 and theres a fair few cracks (I count 5 with the largest being 20 cm while the smallest is 3-4cm) and scratches/scrapes that are getting done.

    Oh and by the way, alot of people consider Sumoto as rip off merchants.
  3. +1 on the rip off merchants.

    there respray package consits of all new stickers as well, plus its sumoto so it will cost a bit more. respraying one color shouldnt cost too much, just dont go to a panel beaters. go to a proper spraypainters. you get what you pay for i guess.

    really, you should call around. Sumoto have heaps of bikes on display, so check out the colorscheme you want, then ask yourself if you think its worth that much.
  4. From what I've heard about Sumoto's respray jobs is that some people have got them back and it was obvious they hadn't even cleaned the surface before spraying...

    Look around, of if you want just check out all of these posts about Sumoto and make up your own mind :idea:

  5. Skeeo, is that consider a fair price? Where about?
  6. Thanks for your replies guys !

    There are only 2 very small cracks in the fairing, one about 4cm and another about 1-2cm so not very hard to fix at all i would imagine.
    Based on what everyone has said so far it would seem that this price is way over the top !
    So any suggestions of where I could go to to get a better price around Melbourne ? My ZZR is currently black and im looking to get a black and silver paint job so nothing really special.
    And by the way, I have found out for myself about Sumoto, I wouldnt go back to them again !!!
  7. theres a fair few places around melbourne

    go through this specific forum - Mechanical, Maintenance, and Appearance

    and basically click on all the threads that talk about paintjobs/bodywork etc, you'll find lots of links
  8. if you're not in a rush, i know of a backyarder. but because he's not expensive, he's always really busy and you have to wait. but he does a good job.
  9. Full respray, not just the fairing.

    Easily $1000. What on a ZZR? 4 or 5 fairing bits, tanks, 2 or 3 seat bits.

    Easily 20 hours labour. There's 2 hours in just taking it off and putting it back on again. That's $1000 without materials and only charging out at $50/hr and no-one can do work that cheaply these days.

    $1200 is not excessive for the whole bike. For the fiaring it's dear, but not by a heap.
  10. $500 for full respray with them doign the prep work, by a qualified painter.
    Im always reading on forums of people paying over $1000 in the big cities, use seem to get ripped.
  11. Anyone know how much new full fairings would be for a zzr?
  12. To give you a cost comparison, we sell full new painted fairing kits for the ZZR250 including the screen and delivery for $1100. If you haven't damaged your tank you may be better off just getting a new set and keeping the undamaged fairings as spares.

    Good luck!
  13. Plastic primmer, wet n dry sandpaper, some spray cans, a few stickers, - $50.
  14. The look on the other Netriders' faces when they see your bike at coffee... priceless.

    (sorry, couldn't resist)
  15. N*A*M - where does this guy work from ?
    Any idea of a rough price from him ?
  16. Could you PM me a website for this "we" company please.
  17. for $500 you be getting it cleaned and a quick rub, then 1 colour of two pack over the top.

    No stripes, multicolour, no stickers.
  18. ditto, please PM details of this company
  19. The fairings werent cleaned, they needed to be repaired, there were two different colors. It was painted white than red over the top, so itd be bright, the blue was metallic, and than he even put the stickers on.
  20. Custom Street Bikes is a business owned by several riders, myself being one of them. We are located in WA and specialise in customising street bikes as the name suggests. We primarily sell street fairings, race fairings, aftermarket exhausts, screens, mirrors and indicators etc. We also do custom paint schemes (street and race) and these items are available for most street bikes. We have been operating locally for some time and have just recently started moving online. We are currently developing our website www.CustomStreetBikes.com.au