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Bike repair quote ??????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gabak, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Hi all just have a question i had a bit of an accident, Trucks bullbars hit me and my bike (im fine just bruised ribs). I just got the quote back from the smash repairs its like $2200.

    My question is will the insurance company cover it or write my bike off?

    anyone had similar experience im just curious as i love my bike i dont want it written off i just want it fixed.
  2. If it was the truck drivers fault and your going through his/her insurance, then they will repair it or pay you the market value of the bike .. which ever is the lesser value.

    If you are going through your insurance, then it depends upon the value of your policy - market or agreed. If the price of repairs, as agreed by an assessor, is greater than the difference between the salvage value of your bike and the value of your policy then they will write it off.
  3. yes it was his fault.

    so say my bike is worth $4300 in red book and the repairs are $2200 they will repair it.
  4. Unless someone went and changed the game on me again and made $2200 greater in value than $4300..... Then yeah, what mouth said is right. :wink:

    edit: go get another quote, sometimes bike repairers miss things.
  5. Is everyone on netrider a comedian????

    i just asked as different people have told me different things but thanks anyway.
  6. Wow.... we're still recruiting asshats I see, if you cant take a joke.... you definitely be in the wrong place matey!

    I gave you my opinion..... and I still think you should get another quote cos some repairers just assume the bike will be written off and aren't that thorough unless you tell them you will be riding it again.

    Mouth is edzachery right... In my experience with cars anyway.... From what I can tell the rules & regs aren't to different between them.

    One thing to be wary of is that bikes are A LOT more likely to be written off, cos if they dont fix it right and then you crash and smash every bone in your body... they get sued.
  7. I can take a joke when the subject is nothing serious but this is.

    with cars its 60% of the value then they write it off.

    and ive been told this is the same for bikes.

    then mouth said different.

    another friend said its 50% of the value.

    another said they will reapair it no matter what (but i think that guy was on something).

    I called nrma where the offendered is insured and they are no help.
  8. Be sure to also include the cost of replacement for any safety gear that was damaged in the accident. If your helmet touched the ground at any point then i'd add that one to the tab, and if your jacket got a scuff... add the repair/replacement to the list.

    Other than that, it's been covered by Mouth & Lidonnit to a varying degree of pleasantry. I'm not sure on the exact percentages of the write-off factor... but generally the insurance company is going to want to pay out the least amount of money possible. So if a bike can be repaired for less than the price it would cost to replace it... there's your solution.
  9. My experience was with GIO in my car.... the car was valued at 10,700 and the repair bill came in at 7,900 (yeah it was a gooden)... they fixed it then.
    I also had an experience where some chick ran into my very first car... car was worth 2,500 damage was 2,200 and the fixed it... She was with RACV?
  10. Redbook isn't the guide the insurers (or anyone with a clue) uses. They use glasses guide and you'll probably find your ZXR250s market value isn't anywhere near $4300.
    Chances are they'll write it off.
  11. Thanks all.

    All i want is my bike they way it was before
  12. Hey Koma... do they really cover your gear to, if some noodle knocks you off? I didn't know that.... makes since though.
  13. My zzr250 was deemed a right off at the start of feb this year and this is what happened, 3k worth of damage, and i had a agree value on the bike of 5.5k, that was through RACV though. Whether that helps you or not i don't know.

    Cheers stewy
  14. cheers Stewy did you get to keep the bike.

    The reason i ask is when my car was deemed a write off i was paid out the market value of my car and i got to keep it.
  15. As far as i know it depends on the insurance company; not sure which ones do and don't.

    It makes sense though - some halfwit causes an accident which damages your bike and knocks you off. They're responsible for the incident which also damaged your safety gear, therefore their liable to make good the damage which was done.

    It does raise a few interesting things like when i ride with my mobile phone in my pocket, if some moron takes me out and smashes up my bike, helmet, gloves, jacket & mobile phone. Out of that list, what will and won't they replace?
  16. Of course :grin: They broke it, they have to pay for it. Anything your carrying too.
    Though you may have to fight with the scumo insurance company and even get a lawyer to send a letter of demand, it could even end up in small caims court or something but you should win.
  17. nrma do cover your gear as the lady at nrma asked me if my helmet was damaged or if my riding jacket, pants ,boots where damaged as i could claim for those as well.
  18. I another party is at fault and you are claiming against THEIR insurance, you always get to keep the vehicle. The other insurance company has no right of claim or salvage over your vehicle at all.
  19. There is no set value/percentage at which they do .. each is a case by case basis, although within guidelines and framework.

    You've been told incorrectly.

    If the repairs are worth more than fair market value of the vehicle immediately prior to the accident, they will offer you the market value. Only if your prepared to wait and fight it out, possibly in court, will you full value of repairs when they exceed market value.

    Of course, they are not going to help you get the most possible out of them .. it's against their interests.
  20. Are there any marks on the frame cause if there are it'll be written off so all other discussion is moot!