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Bike Rentals

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by gweb79, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone has ever rented a bike before? If so, who was it with? Was the bike in good condition? Was it a professional outfit? Were there a decent selection of bikes to rent?

    I am considering just renting a bike every now and again instead of buying it outright, if I can find a quality rental place. I live in Sydney and only go riding about once a month.


  2. hey if you find one let me know. I'm looking for a day hire when I'm in Sydney next week. I have researched some, the prices (whilst not cheap) are manageable, its the insurance that makes me baulk.
  3. One of my mates hired a bike from Garners and said it was a great experience and quite worth while - although I must add that he was fortunate enough to be given a brand new GS500 with something like 400k's on the clock.

    He has since bought his own GS500.
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  5. Or better still, click on the Bikescape banner at the top of the page when it appears.

    There is a new advertiser that also hires bikes thats about to get a banner.
  6. I've rented bikes from Garners in Melbourne and Bikescape in Sydney this was my experience:

    Bikescape: Excellent service, the bikes are well maintained, no problems at all. I have rented a touring bike and also a CB250 for my exam since I had to do the “overseas license conversionâ€. Some of my colleagues came to Sydney recently and rented Harleys from Bikescape, they were very pleased with the bikes and the service.

    Garners: all I can say is that I will never use them again and I wouldn’t recommend that shop to anybody!
    We were on holidays with some mates and rented 4 bikes, one of them broke down about 15 miles from the shop, the guy showed up about 1 hour later on a van with another bike, fine; the following day a second bike broke down in the middle of the Great Ocean Road, we called the guy who said that it was too late for him to assist us and asked us to leave the bike there at the servo. Logically one of us had to do the rest of the ride as a pillion and we had to cut the holiday short and head back to Melbourne the next day nice! The guy from Gerners was very rude and said it was our fault since the bikes were in “good shape†BS!!!! and charged us the full amount for the bikes and held the deposit. He called a few days later to say: sorry mate it was really a mechanical problem, nothing to do with you. Long story short two bikes broke down in two days, great holiday, courtesy of Garners!