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Bike rentals / transport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cygnus, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    It seems I have introduced the fun of motorcycling to one of my friends yesterday in the car park :demon:. Now, he's getting married on Hamilton Is in July, and we just thought it'd be a brilliant idea to ride up to Hamilton together for his Bucks week. :dance:

    Problem we have is logistics, as myself and he will be going to Malaysia for another wedding straight after. In theory, he should be able to get his L's before July, but it seems a big expenditure to actually buy a bike. Even if he did, we would have to leave our bikes near Hamilton Is. and ride them back to Sydney after Malaysia.

    So, the question is, are there places that rent bikes in Sydney that allows them to be returned near Hamilton Is? Failing that, are there any companies that transport bikes back from Hamilton Is area back to Sydney? Is it even worth hiring, or would it be better to buy and then resell later if he decides not to keep it?

  2. Hi cygnus,

    It would probably be cheaper to just buy a trusty Honda CB250 or something similar, and sell it later if he doesnt want to keep it.

    I used to fly to sydney and catch up with the guys for a ride, and before i bought a bike would hire one from BikeScape at it costs around $400 just for the weekend. So by the time you might hire one for a couple of weeks (riding time, plus bucks weekend, plus time in malaysia) you'd be looking at a few grand at least.

    If you buy a bike for around $4000 you should be fairly sure to get a bike to do the job, and sell it for much the same price you bought it for. Essentially the whole trip would only cost you the fuel!

    No sure of anyone who ships from hamilton is back to syd, but check out the Transportation section of netrider as there are plenty of suggested businesses!?

    Cheers! Have a cracker time! Hamilton island is awesome!