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Bike rental / hire in Australia or Oversea's

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Honda Phantom, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if anyone had any experiance of hiring a cruiser for 5-7 days and riding around QLD or NT area. Ive looked at heaps of companies and they seem all pretty much the same.

    On the other hand, has anyone hired and toured anywhere in Asia or New Zealand? For a cruiser in NZ, im looking at around $220 per day!!!

    The reason why i say Asia, is that I have been there and could be heaps cheaper and more exciting to rent a bike.

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Haven't hired a cruiser, but I did hire a Ducati in Cairns once. Plenty bloody expensive, and no insurance whatsoever. I believe there were other models for less money, but still not cheap.
    Harleys were MUCH dearer than anything else.

    Asia's a big place. Where exactly are you looking at?
  3. Well i know Thailand pretty well so either there or Cambodia, Vietnam or anywhere as high as China.

    Thailand would be the easiest for me to visit as im very familar with the country. I know that places in South East Asia dont generally have large cc cruisers, so i would expect something like a Honda Phantom or something that can go off road.
  4. Thailand is cheap as chips and as you probably know,there's no cc restrictions. I recall in 2003 on Beach front at Phuket,they had latest model TL1000 and a GSX1000 and Kwaka something or other, basically a fairly good range,roughly 10 bikes,all for 20-30$ a day :shock: .There was also a joint 1 street behind the main front beach called "big bike hire".They also had not too shabby a range of pretty decent condition and recent model bikes at amasingly :shock: cheap prices, good enough to make any Scottsman smile :grin: nay, piss himself laughing :rofl: For example I just missed out on a Hayabusa for 30$ a day.
    This TransAlp ended up costing me 20$ a day, which I opted for because I wanted to do a bit of exploring and get away from the tourist shite.


    Where as in Vietnam, these ball tearing 110cc rocket ships will cost ya a poultry 6 bucks a day,and with all the crap roads and insane drivers :tantrum: is just as well. I was told Cambodia,Laos is similar but havent been there so cant say.
    Nothing over 125cc is allowed unless your a drug lord with Government and military connections. Which Im pressuming :-k you are not.


    New Zealnd as I recall in 2000 was about 220 bananas for a reasonable bike.I recall it was too much for this poor backpacker to justify.Which was a pitty seeing as anywhere I have been on the planet,for pure road riding,New Zealands da chit.Like Tassie on steroids,EVERYWHERE IT SEEMED :LOL:
  5. Another thing to add on to movin's post, my friend who didn't even have a driver's or bike's licence, actually rented a bike in Thailand! :shock: So maybe they don't check for your licence at all
  6. Nope they dont ask for a licence at all. The only time ive been asked for a bike licence is by the Thai Police. Even then, its only a small fine if you dont.
  7. wow! that will be so cool! :LOL: :p I should try that the next time I am in Thailand :p
  8. There aren't any engine capacity restrictions in Cambodia or Laos, just VN (and that will hopefully be changing this year). Most of the bikes for rent here in Phnom Penh are 250cc dirtbikes but there's a new place with 650cc's and I've heard another in Sihanoukville offering larger road bikes. (only problem there is that the police are cracking down on foreigners hiring bikes)

    Bike rental starts at around 9$ per day at the cheaper places (e.g Angkor Bikes) up to $50 or more for a 2 troke or 650cc (e.g. Adventure Moto)
  9. The fine for not wearing a helmet or riding without a valid international driver licence in Thailand is 200baht ~ AUD$7
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Kenny's got it covered here, bike hire rates are extortionate in most parts of the world - it's not worth renting in Australia, for the price of 2 weeks' hire you could BUY a half decent bike. That said, if the itch has to be scratched there's some good places in QLD, Matt232 and I hired a couple of bikes out of Noosa but it's Cairns you'd want to base yourself from and go offroad, that looks like pure magic.

    Better still, bugger the lot off and head to Thailand/Vietnam. I've ridden around both like Kenny and had an absolute BALL despite the fact I was farting my way about on 110/125cc scooters. The roads are awesomely crap, the traffic is mental enough to make any short trip an eye-boggler, and you can ride around buck naked with sunnies on for a squiddier-than-thou experience.

    On-road blends into offroad as the tarmac deteriorates and just disappears, and your freedom to wheak it off the freeway and up a mountain is unparallelled. It's so cheap you'll giggle your head off when you hand over your 6 bucks, and all the bikes are pre-munted so you won't give a stuff if you drop them down a cliff - they're not going to get any uglier, and they're both extremely reliable AND apparently simple to fix in the unlikely event with nothing more than a piece of straw and some dog poo wielded by a local tinkerer. Oh, and every third person is a local tinkerer.

    There's nothing like it, S.E. Asia is the most amazing travel destination, its dirty, scary and dangerous, the food is cheap, the women are cheaper, the countryside is stunning and doing it on dodgy scoots is the f*cking mutt's nuts.

    Damn, you make me wish I was over there again right now!
  11. mate, get thee to


    all will be revealed...

    forget Phuket, go up north where the real riding is...

    You don't need an Aus bike license, but no travel insurance covers you if you aren't licensed in your home country.

    Bike hire is $6>$25 depending on what you want to ride...

    Take your own helmet, or buy a cheapie there for <$20 that is still much much much better than what you will get with your hire fee...

    Daewoo (my id on GT-Rider)
  12. Is this the sort of thing you are looking for???





  13. I just did three days on the Doi Phukka Loop out of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand with some Aussies from Jonadda Guesthouse. John is from Melbourne and runs the place. You can rent a bike up there for $26 per day. We did 1000 km in three days. It was amazing riding, highly recommended.

    Don't ride in Phuket. 200 people per year die on that island on motorbikes. Hell, my airport bus ran over a motorbike on the way to the hotel - and didn't bother to stop! That place is hell for bikers; it's all just eastern European morons showing off to their model girlfriends in bikinis.
  14. I did some riding in Malaysia on a cruiser which from memory was only about A$15 a day - although it was only 175cc (still huge fun though :grin:). I'd stay well away from the large cities though, especially KL - traffic is f*(%ing crazy over there since most of the country has recently switched from those step-thru things to small cars :shock:.
  15. Isn't Chiang Mai just the ducks nuts for riding... I am sure that Malaysia would be very good as well...

    I ride when I am in Phuket, but I wouldn't go there to ride... 200 people a year get killed, because they are farrang (foreigners) who have never been on a bike and hire a 1000, or they are farrang who have never been on a bike, on a scooter without a helmet... or they are a 15 year old Thai kid who bought a skinfull on SangSong (Thai whiskey) at the 7/11 and then tried to ride...

    It can be a dangerous place for bikes... all of Asia can be... just be very careful...

    I will probably spend a couple of weeks in Phuket this year with The Bride and The Boys... It is pretty good fr beach holidays, and unlike other islands like Koh Samui, at least you can hire a bike and cross the bridge over to the mainland and keep riding...