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Bike Registered as a Different Bike? - Ray Quincy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zan, Oct 12, 2012.

  1. I was at Ray Quincy the other day looking at their range of 250s.

    I did a VicRoads check on some of their Honda CBR250R's and two of them are registered under different brands. One was a Suzuki and another a Hyosung.

    Is this a common register error? Or is something dodgy going on?

    FYI, this is the VicRoads Rego Enquiry: http://vre.vicroads.vic.gov.au/VRESearch.aspx
  2. Did you just check the Rego?
    Maybe he uses different plates* for the sake of test rides etc for unregistered bikes?
  3. Ray, Ray, Ray.... :rolleyes:

    To be fair, it's only a problem if that plate is still on it at the time of sale.
  4. Yep, seen it happen a couple of times in NSW. Both times it was simple human error, someone wrote the wrong thing/ticked the wrong box when registering a batch of bikes. From memory a Kawa was registered as a Hyo and a Kawa with clean title had finance registered against it. Simple phone call put it right.
  5. I thought that might be the case, or for show purposes. But I got the regos off their BikeSale adverts, so I don't know why they would list them with that.

    EDIT: Yep just rego.

    Thought this might be the case. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now and still consider their bikes. They are cheapest Dealer selling CBR250s at the moment.
  6. Ray's customer service is cringe worthy but they can be pretty cheap.
    Don't expect any kind of assistance or advice.

    Me several years ago - 'general question about a particular bike'
    Employee (not Ray) - 'do you want to buy it?'
    Me - 'I'm not sure'
    Employee walks off...
    Me - never set foot in the place again
  7. As above - similar scenario about 18 months ago...

    Me - Do you sell accessories?
    Employee - I only see bikes in here mate.
    Me - <no reply> walk out - never to walk back in.
  8. Sounds familiar. I remember phoning them about a bike I saw advertised
    Me: Is this bike going to be in your shop tomorrow for me to look at it?
    Them: Might be
    Me: It's 3 hours for me to get there and back, is it going to be in the shop or not?
    Them: (Laughs) Dunno, guess you'll know when you get here.

    At this point I hung up and never dealt with them again. Bought a used bike from a dealer a similar distance away - but who was prepared to ensure I wasn't making a wasted trip. Always annoys me when salespeople act like their time is more important than mine.
  9. I got to admit I had a similar experience when I was there, but I didn't want to include it in the original post because it wasn't necessarily relevant to my question and I didn't want this to become a Ray Quincy hate thread.

    But I just got a general cold vibe in there. They just wanted a sale and didn't really want to answer much questions. Wasn't too bad of an experience, but I'm a bit on edge going back after noticing this rego mixup. Might give them a shot though, hard to beat them on price for the bike I'm looking at.
  10. There might be a bloody good reason for that! If it seems to good to be true (PARTICULARLY in a dealership)...
  11. The ONE time i went in there with my father, the first thing they asked if i was going to be buying a bike or just looking (fair enough), and didn't really want to offer any assistance after i said just looking (bullshit).

    so i had a look.. they were all unclean/bunched in there with no real care..

    most of them looked pretty crappy condition and really HIGH prices, similar bikes on bikesales were cheaper.

    i did test ride a couple of bikes, after a faff around with photocopying license etc

    never going back there again.. they seemed really up themselves and only cared if you were BUYING a bike then and there.. not helpful in the slightest.

    will stick with bikesales/gumtree or my local dealerships.