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Bike Recovered

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by khromosone, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, my bike was recently recovered after a 3 month smash around the neighborhoods.


    I'm just wondering what happens now as I've already been paid out?

    I was with Swann Insurance if that helps.

  2. belongs to the insurance company -- call them make them an offer on it
  3. insurance will auction it off
  4. Will they contact me to rebuy first or straight onto auction? :S
  5. straight to Auction, but ring them before they do and ask what they want for it

    but not knowing whats been done to it, thrashed wise, do you really want it back
  6. Did they catch the mongrals that stole your bike.
  7. Let the insurance company have it. It's been flogged.
  8. Not the original thief, but they caught the person who had in their shed who just started stripping it.
  9. Wow!!!

    How, I wonder??!!
  10. Narks :)
  11. Fuk it off - it's been trashed one way or the other - you not wanty unless it has $10,000 worth of drugs or diamonds under the seat.
  12. Well, sounds like he never admitted to the original theft anyway! Pricks who buy stolen goods are no better than the thieves who take them!
  13. unless they are silly enough to not check the vechical's VIN's etc with VicRoads... It has happened to some poor unsuspecting people in the past.
  14. Rang insurance and they will ring me once its been assessed, if its anything over 2.5k I won't be interested.
  15. If it's cheap enough & you no longer care about it, apparently that's worth 5 seconds a lap! :)
  16. +1000000
  17. It is rare for those people to immediately begin stripping the bike for parts though.;)
  18. +1, with ****ed tyres like that you wouldn't have sold it to someone just on their Ls...
  19. good on the cops who actually got around to finding it. we all seem to have a go at them a lot but thats evidence of them doing something right.
  20. haha so true!