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Bike RECOVERED! - VTR1000 rego 57972

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys, just asking that people keep there eyes out for my bike that was stolen by some worthless fvck. Was stolen last night from Belconnen ACT

    VIN: JH2SC36U8XM200579
    Rego: ACT 57972

    Pic below

    I really fvcken hate people sometimes.
  2. man that fricking sucks
    hope you find it mate
  3. Sorry to hear it hundy.

    I'll try to keep my eyes peeled.

  4. nope. Dont wanna hear about it.
  5. That sux. I'm in Belconnen too, will keep an eye out.
  6. Whats going on with people (sorry i should say f%$k'n' dirt bags) of today????

    This is becoming a common thread - at least once a week.

    You want something in life, do what the rest of us do you f%#k 'n' loosers and WORK FOR IT

    Sorry to hear about the bike - KARMA will have its revenge. . . .
  7. Did you have a lock on it etc?

    was it at night, where was it in front of a house or shop, ask around, maybe someone saw something, eg if it was a van or ute? hunt around, canberra is not that big, check the wreckers, check whos got a similar bike, they may use it for parts, I am starting to hate too after someone stole off me, i look at any person that looks like a crook and feel the need to king hit them.
  8. it does work, seen bad shit happen to someone who stole from me,

    dont let hate consume you like it does me, i feel bitter all the time, no good for my health in the long run, the wanker gets your bike and your health, fcuk that

    In the end you would rather have the guy suffer than have your bike back, thats how I feel.
  9. :shock: oh man sorry to hear that....

    I got a superhawk in the hopes that no one would think it's worth stealing!

    I think im gonna alarm my garage... and some bleeding insurance, this is happening way too often for my liking. :mad:
  10. A few more of these stories and maybe people will start getting insurance.

    Sorry for the loss... If you ever find out who took it be sure to shoot them in the knees and feet.
  11. Make sure you leave the details with ALL the bike dealers, repairers, parts sales people etc. that you can in Canberra and Queanbeyan (and Yass & Goulburn as well). A lot more difficult in Melbourne or Sydney but entirely feasible (but time consuming) for the ACT.

    A frined of mine had an unregistered dirt bike stolen years ago from his place in Hackett. He did just that and eventually got it back five years later. Someone had bought it (in good faith) and taken it in to have some work done on it.

    The dealer checked against a list of bikes he had and called the police. Guy who bought it had to return it to the original owner and the police chased down the guy he'd bought it off.
  12. This isn't the totally great thing that people sometimes assume it is.

    Often by the time the guy brings it into the shop it's been through several owners and the guy bringing it in is just as innocent as the original victim, and you can imagine how much chance the poor guy has of recovering his money.

    To the OP... sorry to hear about the loss of your bike, it really sucks.

    And I know you don't want to hear about insurance but to the other people reading this thread this outcome is the risk one runs in not having at least 3rd party, fire and theft.
  13. Sorry to hear, we are only 1 1/2 to 2hrs from you so will keep our eyes peeled for the bike and the thieving c&^ts
  14. will def keep an eye out for it
  15. hope you hadn't fitted the yoshi's yet mate, that sucks donkeys balls, will definately keep an eye out for it, not hard to spot, om me your mobile number nathan, spend most of the day out on the road, also have a 3 foot pinch bar in a handy spot
  16. it's only a superhawk in the states
  17. Sorry to hear about it, that really sucks mate. Hope you recover it soon enough.

    Like everyone else I'd be devastated if someone stole my bike. It isn't just a mode of transport, you feel a certain attachment to your bike. To the thieving pr!cks I'd love to kick the crap out of them, and all the scum who knowingly buy stolen bikes/parts. They're just as guilty.
  18. Sorry to hear mate! B@stards!!

    A friend thats in home security said that home burglaries are up - just a sign of the current economic situation.
  19. Mate .. that SUCKS!
    Real sorry to hear some assholes took what your baby.

    Let's hope it's found soon.

    ( Getting concerned about the amout of stolen bikes being announced lately )
  20. Thanks for the support and eyes everyone. Yeah, i hate pr!cks that steal sh!t from other people, its just fkn low. It was the best thing I've owned, it was immaculate, never had any problems, and now some deadshit is probably stripping it for smack.