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Bike recommendations?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matti-san, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. ummmm which bike say to you "ride me" buy that one.

  2. go take a test drive with some and pick the one you like, (Have a look at the sv650)
  3. get a SV650 over the hyosung.
  4. Sounds like a motard would keep you amused.
  5. If you're looking for light, be aware that all weight was not created equal.

    An SV650 is quite tall as are most motards and the higher the weight the more difficult it is to manage.

    While I really like the SV650, I'd back the Gladius (same engine, similar weight) as 'feeling' lighter.

    Really need to get on a few and see what they feel like... :)

  6. What about a Hornet 600? It is at the same price point as a Gladius and SV650 (the naked SV650 with a more upright position).
  7. If he is on his Ls then he'll still be limited to a LAMS bike though, won't he? No way a Hornet 600 is LAMS approved...
  8. Zenali, that's true. If the OP can quickly get onto their full licence (like I think they might be able to in NSW) then maybe they will look at 'bigger' bikes and wait that short time. If not then what I suggested was just rubbish. :)
  9. I'm 185cm and 90 kilos, and I've got a naked '08 SV650. My riding experience is limited to just older trail and ag bikes, a 250 bandit, a zx6, and many hours aboard a postie.

    The most I've done in a day is 300 odd highway kays, with a few stops thrown in too. The seat seems pretty hard to me, but the position is good enough (more upright than the S model) that I reckon I could do 5-600 kays in a day without too many dramas.

    Around town it's a breeze. Get lazy with the gears and it doesn't really bother it. Flickable and fun through roundabouts too :D

  10. I to am in the same situation...had been driving overseas (Canada) and, I have to start all over again.... cant see myself riding anything smaller than a 750cc....anyway, after some talk and searching.... GSX650F seems to be a great option....talking with others about this bike...there is what I am led to beleive,,,,there is a restrictor in the throttle body...that what makes the bike a LAMS bike...once you have your full lic, get the restrictor plate removed.... Im all in with this one......
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.