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Bike recommendations for dad please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Well dad's nearly finished fixing up his Kwaka ZXR750 that he bought a while back.

    the sections of fairing that were cracked when the previous owner dropped it (slow speed fall) are all fixed & he's bought new stickers etc & it practically looks brand new.

    Today he called me to say he'd popped in to a bike shop to buy new gloves & was looking at the Yamaha FZ1. he said he's after a "more upright" bike, as the "i'm leaning on my wrists" position of the kwaka is annoying in traffic. Great on the freeway though!

    so he's going to take the kwaka down to see what he could get on a trade in, and was asking me what other sports bikes have a "more upright" position.

    I suggested the Honda Hornet 900 of course! (which he said he likes), and the kwaka Z1000.

    so why am I here you're asking? Basicly I want suggestions as to what bikes between 700-1200cc's he should look at/test ride that have a more upright position, and why you think that bike is the one for him.

    I don't know how serious he is about upgrading cause he keeps going on about how good the kwaka gets it's front wheel up, so wheelie factor is important to him too!
  2. The instrument cluster on the Kawa Z1000 is awful. The tacho is very difficult to read, and its missing some pretty fundamental features (e.g. high beam indicator). It is a gorgeous looking bike though. The Hornet 900 is lovely too. What about the Kawa ZRX1200? Thats a lovely upright naked, not sure about the wheelie factor though.
  3. He won't go wrong with an FZ1, whatever model/year it is. Bandit 12 could also be worth a look, as well as the vfr800 but it's a bit pricier than the other two.

    How about a 2nd-hand big bore retro such as the kwak ZRX1200 or yam XJR1300?
  4. Hi I assume he commutes by the sound of it.

    I love the look of the Triumph Speed Triple and the CBR1000XX blackbird.

    Another one that I am looking at as an upgrade is the Aprilia Tuono :cool: Very good wheelie bike I have been told.

    Lots to choose from but what do I know I ride a 250? :oops:
  5. actually no - sorry should have made that clear

    he works installing house alarms so uses a car for work every day

    he just wants a bike that's comfy in town as well as on the freeway
  6. The 900 Hornet looks a lot more comfy than the ZXR750... and seen Loz do wheelies with ease on his 900 Hornet :wink: so your dad shouldn't be disappointed with that one :? but definitely worth it for him to go and test ride it...
  7. zx9r certainly capable of wheelies,Comfy and still a kwaka. :grin: Ride one before you deciede :grin:
  8. well he rang me today to say he was going to bill's motorcycles to look at the Hornet 900 - they have them brand new for $11,990 at the moment.

    I said "cool - we can be matching!"
    he said "I might paint it kwaka green..........."
  9. Nooooo..... can't paint the Honda in Kwaka green, it'll refuse to start :wink: :LOL:
  10. lol - I doubt he'd really paint it.
    anyhoo he went down & was going to test ride it but the guy in the store told him his kwaka 'wouldn't be worth much".
    he wouldn't even look at it.

    so dad got shitty & is now going to sell the bike privately

    hopefully he gets enough to be able to buy a brand new Hornbag 900!
  11. Go the FZ1. Known old fart motorbike (not that I am one, I don't think, but meh) ;). Very comfortable, will purr along if you want it to, or get up and boogy, hard, if you keep on twisting for a little bit of the grin factor.
    My father loves mine as well, I'm currently trying to convince him to buy it off me.
    The support on www.yamahafz1oa.com is great, more of a "mature" site I think and he'd be in great company.