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Bike Recommendation coming off P's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by leechy, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Well my partner and I are both coming off our motorcycle P's in a little over a month. We currently have a 2001 Kawasaki ZZR250 which has been great for a learner but I feel we are ready to move up to a larger, slightly more powerful bike. We ride the bike pretty much everyday rain, hopefully not hail or shine, now ideally we are looking for a bike that is going to be comfortable riding around town and also for the occasional trip to the coast or Sydney so 200 - 300kms at a time. From everything I have read and our personal thoughts on look, performance and budget a 05 or 06 Honda VFR800 seems to match most of what we want, my only concern is some people have said it is still quite a powerful bike and the other slightly scary thing is the repair cost if one of us put it down with it having fibreglass fairings.

    Do people have any other recommendations for a bike that matches our description. Are bikes to the Yamaha FZ6S still very much performance bike ???

    Thanks in advance

  2. the conservative first upgrades are the er6 or sv650
  3. i would suggest you go test ride everything you like the look of and then a few you don't......every bike will do what you want, commuter naked bikes are good, not as nice to tour on as a 05 vfr, any of the supersports will blow your mind in the twisties, but and a v-storm allows you to take in all those little side dirt/fire trails along the way.....

    now you understand why bikers have so many bikes in the shed :LOL: all a great for the purpose they were built for....imo half the fun of touring is taking inappropriate equipment to out of the way places, it makes for killer stories at parties though.

    hope that helps :)
  4. Yup. Having just upgraded from an SV to a fireblade, I've decided I don't want to sell the SV because its too much fun. Yes its not the most powerful thing in the world, but for practicality and smiles per mile it owns anything I've ridden, including the (2 times the horsepower+) blade I have. Out in the country its a different matter, but in non wide open areas the SV kicks the bigger bikes bike in terms of fun. Mine is technically up for sale, but don't buy it from me please.
  5. Hi, I recommend the Honda CBR600F as an upgrade from your ZZR250.

    It always rates high in reviews and is the perfect all rounder. Plenty has been said about them here on netrider so check it out in the review section..

  6. Suzuki

    Or look at a Suzuki GSXF750

    If you're really concerned about the power even a GS500 or something like that.
  7. thanks for the replies all, appreciate the postive feedback some of those bikes i had not even considered. I think stewey has hit the nail on the head though i probably won't be able to make a real decesion on this till i test ride a fair few but i guess i am just trying to narrow down a few models. Thanks again for all the feedback any other recommendations feel free to post them up :grin:
  8. I'm guessing your budget is in the $10K - $14K bracket. Like Stewy says, the Suzuki V Strom is very popular and sounds like it would fit your intended usage very well. Interestingly the 650 is reckoned a better buy than the 1000 as it runs smoother. It also has ABS option.
    You might also like to have a look at the Aprilia Pegaso Factory. It's a more road oriented version of the Pegaso adventure tourer so a sort of adventure tour soft motard. Has lots of factory accessories too.
  9. GSX650F for under $10 grand ..new.
  10. I'm in the market for a new bike myself right now and definitely the best thing you can do is test ride as much as possible..take you time and really work out what works best for you. I started looking at sports bikes, but after riding a whole bunch i'm looking more to a dual purpose/motard.

    As to where to start - i suppose it's just a matter of elimination..work out if your up for naked/sports/more tourer/cruiser?

    It sounds like sports tourer is the direction you've been going..personally i like the GSXRs..just really reliable and comfortable..not really a sports tourer as such - not as upright - but comfortable in terms of good suspension and handling. I think that type of engine (inline4) will be a bit smoother around town than the VFRs too.

    If you wanted less faring (lower repair costs) SV650s a good option, aprilia pegaso 650? could also consider the FZ6N?

    Also don't be too put off by the extra grunt. I went from an RS125 two stroke to a ducati monster 1000 - doesn't get much of a bigger jump. The power was a bit of getting used to..but as long as you are sensible it's nothing to be scared of. Having the extra acceleration can get you out of trouble too.
  11. get a dirty big litre bike like i did.
  12. G'day Leigh,

    I own a 2002 ZZ-R250 and positively love everything about it other than the need to change gears every five seconds while not cruising. My P's expire in two weeks (already have my full licence in my pocket :grin: ).

    I have been looking at the Suzuki GSX-650F and Kawasaki ER-6F since I don't want to lose the touring abilities (in terms of seating position and fairings) once I upgrade, and don't want to have expenses increase too much since I already seem to waste rear tyres in 6000km.

    Unfortunately Kawasaki decided to make a brilliant 600cc p-twin replacement for my 250cc p-twin, and then cripple it with a 15l fuel tank. They are obviously appealing to the commuter and light-sports market rather than the commuter and light-tourer market. I have a 400km range at the moment and am loathe to lose too much of that.

    Suzuki on the other hand had the foresight to equip their 650cc inline four with a 19l fuel tank. Everything I read on the GSX-650F indicates that despite being a little portly at 210kg, its more than the sum of its parts, has a tried and tested Bandit engine despite being a new model, and provides accessible performance in the same way the ZZ-R250 does. With a fuel injection kick. Peter Stevens in Melbourne offered the GSX-650F to me for $11k even ride-away. Not that I'd buy from that place.

    If you fancy the VFR800, bear in mind it's a high-tech bike with fancy VTEC kicking in at ~6500rpm and a premium price tag, so maintenance expenses are going to be larger than a ER-6F or GSX-650F in my opinion. However if you intend on taking your sheila as a pillion, the 80Nm of torque may be very attractive.

    Will be interested to see what you end up buying :)

  13. sorry for the delayed response been busy as recently. Thanks again all for the help and advice, Alex your situation sounds pretty much spot on where i am at. I am leaning towards at this stage either the ER-6F or the SV650s at this stage but again till i can test ride a few it will be hard to really make a decesion :)

    will post back in a few months with an update