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Bike rear-ended, how bad is too bad?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Smokae, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I'm waiting on photos to arrive but this guy's 2008 GS500F was rear-ended. It was repaired, I checked REVS, no write off listed.

    How bad is too bad when a bike has been rear-ended?

    What should I be looking for?

  2. Bent swingarm
    Bent subframe
    Bent wheel
    cracks in the frame
    Just off the top of my head.

    Although if it was repaired I would want to have a look at the repair notes.
  3. Thanks, I will check all of this!
  4. If it is a 2008 model and it was too bad, it would have been written off (assuming it was insured). You should ask if it was, and ask to see the repair record. If it wasn't insured, then it may well have been fixed by a mate, real cheap, y'know?? and you could be up for any or all of what smee outlined above.

    You should see it in person, and take a person whose judgment and experience you trust, with you......
  5. Oh, that's another very good point. I'll ask to see the insurer's letters.
  6. I'd be looking to see if the bushes/bearings were replaced in the rear end and any sort of documentation that confirmed alignment.

    To me a rear ending is more risky than a drop in terms of how the bike will be afterwards.
  7. depends how hard they were rear ended, most likely gona have side damage too from a fall and slide, although minor. check the straightness of the frame, rear suspension. and handle bars. again a dodgy repair could land you in problems, if it was repaired to good quality why is he selling the bike? unless it was a fair while ago. (repairs and sell straight away is a indication of possible problems)