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Bike Rage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Well I was on the bike last night during peak hour. Going from Rowville to Ferntree Gully for an apointment. I had a cage that moved over into my lane without looking. Happens to me all the time (and everyone else), no big deal.

    But I dunno, last night I snapped :shock: . It must have been a build up of 15 odd years of doing nothing (letting shit like that slide), but if you saw me last night, I was like a young 20 year old Dazza. Full of piss and venom and a real hostile attitude :shock: (some may say nothings changed :shock: :LOL: :p ).

    I did my usual bleep the bike horns (bloody LOUD horns on the 12 8) ). Then gesture to the driver to look, by pointing to my eyes. Nearly everyone will give an acknowledgement and move on. This bloke (about 50-60 odd) just turns around and gives me the most animated two fingured salute I have seen. It was like F@CK YOU BRO, outa my way ya maggot. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Anyways I was time warped back into my old brain cell/body there for about 10 seconds. I lined up this bastards side panal with my boot and introduced a size 11 sole to his soft new rear panal (they dont make'em like they used too :shock: :D ). After that I just caned the living shit out of the bike and I was gooooone.

    I don't condone this sort of behaviour, but like I said I had a brain fade. Has not happened for 15 odd years (damn did I used to do some nasty shit back then :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: ).

    So sorry folks for giving you guys a brief bad name.

    Cheers 8)
  2. i'd probably end up falling off if i tried
  3. I have soooooooooooooooo wanted to do that about 50 times and come really close once or twice but .. I did'nt ... like you roundabout56 .. I'de prob fall off too! :LOL:

    Repeats to herself 50 times *their bigger than me .. their bigger than me.. breath in .. breath out..*
  4. no mate, well done :D god the amount of times i've wanted to do something like this and worried too much about falling of my bike with the attempted kick or getting run over while trying to shoot past :?

    i have found the answer tho! i just got a pair of gloves with stainless steel knuckles on them :twisted: rather than putting myself off balance and risking a fall, i'll now be able to just glide past effortlessly with my hand out and put a nice scratch through shiny new paintwork 8) i know what some ppls are charged for fixing this kinda thing and if i run it along a couple of panels i'll cost them a fortune :D
  5. My count to date (obviously with extenuating circumstances and nearly been taken off of the road)

    3 doors
    7 antenna
    2 tail-lights
    3 mirrors
    1 drivers side window

    Riding for 25 years, these things add up

    Oh, and for the record, I am not proud... It was about being abused and threatened after almost being killed by idiotic drivers. I do not ondone this action at all.
  6. All I can say is, I have been riding (weekends & commuting) on the road for 28 years, I have never had an altercation with a car driver. I think that riders need to look at their own riding if they continue to have incidents with drivers.

    I have made a lot of mistakes on the bike over the years and if it wasn't for the car driver being alert, I would have paid the price.

    Dazza, I'm not saying you were in the wrong but in a public forum such as this with learner riders reading, the suggestion should be how to avoid the dangerous prediciment rather than how to retaliate.

    As a car driver I have accidentily not given the occassional bike rider enough room, so we all make mistakes.

    I think it is time that motorcyclists lost their self righteous attitude, realized that they can be easily hurt and started placing themselves in a safer position on the road in relationship to other road users.
  7. Valid point Johnny,

    But, when the driver see's you, you look each other in the eyes and they still screw up, that is where the issue occurrs.

    OR, when a driver changes lane and almost hits you and then gives you the finger for honking the horn.... that is where I have issues.

    Mistakes are forgiven when the person understands they have made a mistake. If I cut across someone, I am immediately appologetic and accept what ever abuse they give as it was my fault.
  8. Johnny O, as a newish rider, I appreciate your sentiments. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. johnny, i'm all for the passive defnsive rider thing, i mean we are the more at risk party in any altercation. and i definately beleive in forgive and forget, if it was an honest mistake and they make an attempt to mouth or sign an apology to you, then alls well and i get on with my day.

    its just when farkheads flip you off or have a yell at you for being in their way that i get pissed. someone just nearly killed you, it was plainly their fault, they then start mouthing off at you, and you are expected to shrug it off? i dunno where you've been riding but it happens too often around my area to just let it go sometimes.
  10. Maybe you thought they saw you? If you really think they saw you, I would call that 'assault with a weapon', go to the cops and report it, do not take the law into your own hands, or they may have another go.

    Sometimes I think a car driver can be happy & relieved that they have made a mistake and that you are still rubber side down.
  11. Maybe because I'm a bigger guy and that I ride big loud sports bikes in a rather aggressive manor, stops other road users getting aggressive towards me?

    I guess if I saw someone cut-up and abuse my girlfriend (or any of my friends), I would be pulling the driver out of their window by their throat.
  12. A while back I got cut off by a guy in a station wagon all packed up for his holidays, complete with wife, kids, bike, body boards etc. The closest call I've had for a long time. He was changing into my lane, didn't see me I guess (same old story). I tooted the horn to let him know I was there (obviously a hard wired continually burning headlight is not enough). He swerved back ino his lane, saw me, then came across again like I didn't matter because I was one a bike.

    Everything within me wanted to damage his car, if not him. Instead though I blasted the horn, and accelerated to be just in front of his window, looked straight at his wife and just shook my head. I figure shaming him in front of his family is more likely to get a result than going on the attack and provoking a fight or flight response.
  13. I would have thought after him moving away the first time that you would have realized that he wants to come over and that you would then have courteously gotten out of his way?

    All these incidents sound just like riders on a race track "oh he should have given way to me : (". It seems there are always two sides to every story, I would NEVER expect any person to purposely try to bump a rider, no car driver wants to end up in jail for murder, surely?
  14. Oddly, it doesn't happen to everyone else all the time.

    It happens to me from time to time, like every few months.

    When it does, I usually give myself a virtual slap on the head for being inattentive.

    If you take care of your road positioning, and pay attention to who can see you and who can't you can predict and prevent almost all such incidents.

    Of course, sometimes looking after yourself might mean dropping back a bit rather than charging forward, and that doesn't sit comfortably with some.

    Nice to see you gave him a good look at your number plate as you took off afterwards.
  15. A question :?:

    If your in a multi lane road and the cars in front are doing say.......55 and you are doing 60. So then you are passing them.

    HOW THE F@CK do you get road positioning

    I while back I used to travel into the city everyday. I reckon I would creep up on cars that were not keeping up to the speed limit. Naturally at some point you are going to be in there blind spot no matter where you position ya self. This is the reason I will have cars change lanes on me. OK so it may not happen daily, but frequently yes. Do I travel at a faster rate than most, yes. Will I slow down, NO. Will this mean I have a higher frequency rate, probably yes. I suppose thats why when I ride I always think that bastards gunna move over on me or he is gunna pull out from me etc etc. I am always on the look out for things.

    Perhaps riding in defense mode like I do is the reason WHY I have NOT has a crash with a cage for 18 odd years. I ride thinking they are all gunna F$CK me over.

    So how the fcuk do you get road positioning. Ya hear people sprouting it. But seriously how do you do it if you are NOT speeding and slowly overtaking.
  16. hmm I get frustrated at cars when they make mistakes such as merging into my lane, but I don't go crazy.
    I do however lose it at cars when they make a 'deliberate' mistake. an example: on sunday while on Mountn Hwy I was following behind a 4wd, which was stuck behind a couple of cyclists. The driver decided not to wait for a clear stretch of road, instead, round a blind corner swerved around the bicycles.
    given there were a large number of motorbikes out that day, and given the area of the road the 4wd occupied it would have been death for any rider or even car coming round the corner.

    I can't bring myself to let that go.
  17. Dunno about that. Doubt it VERY MUCH. Unless he had super vision. Coz I certainly did not ride right past his car. Maybe I dropped back flipped over to the outside lane then punted it. But if he did, I KNEW FULLY WELL the ramifications of such actions and have NO PROBLEMS dealing with anything that may come from it.

    Pretty simple really...........DON'T DO THE CRIME IF YA CAN'T DO THE TIME.
  18. if your accelerating into what was a clear spot and someone tries to take it then i can understand what you are saying. but if you are just riding along at the same pace as the rest of the traffic, you are right next to that car when you see them flick the indicator on as they are merging without an inch of movement for a headcheck, then i think its fair to say that you DO have right of way.

    funny you should say that no driver would want to purposely bump a rider off, cos it just happened to one of my uncles mates. he was riding along down beach rd, minding his own business when a bloke just decided to take him out. he ended up with no real injuries, but his pillion was in hospital with a broken collarbone and a couple of other minor breaks. the cops cought the bloke thanks to a witness that grabbed the plate and this bloke actually told the cops "i just dont like bikes" yep, this wasn't even an accidental hit and run, it was a full blown assault on the rider.

    if you dont get agro on the road, then power to ya, wish there were more ppls like that around. but sometimes you just cant help wanting to beat the everloving shit out of that dickhead that just nearly cost you your life. the road is here to share, some ppls just dont feel they should have to....
  19. You don't have to do 60.

    I'm not saying that you have to ride timidly all the time. Those who've ridden with me know that I can ride quite aggressively when I'm riding for 'pleasure'.

    But when I'm in heavy traffic, pleasure goes out the window and survival and arrival become all important.

    If I want to pass slow moving traffic in another lane, I have two tactics that I use as appropriate.

    The simple one is to creep up until I am close to their blind spot, check for early signs that they want to change lanes (have you noticed that most drivers who change lanes then indicate, first drift toward the appropriate side of their lane?) then give it a squirt and get past. As soon as I am alongside the front of the car, I slow down to my original speed. Minimal time in the blind spot, and little chance of getting booked for speeding.

    The other one is to change lanes into the lane the car in front is using, and as I approach to pass, (assuming I am going to pass on their right) occupy first the left wheel track, then the right wheel track, then indicate and pull out and pass as in the first example. The lateral movement of the bike in the lane is much more noticable in the rear view mirror. This way I have maximised the chances of being seen, and my intentions known, and minimised the time I have spent in the blind spot.

    If the traffic is really heavy, but moving at an acceptable speed, I just sit back a bit, give myself a bit of space in front, and move backwards and forwards relative to surrounding traffic so that I am not sitting in someones blind spot. Also move laterally in the lane from time to time to maximise visibility.

    If the traffic is really heavy and really slow, I'll lane split, but omly 10-15k faster than the traffic.

    It may not sound like much fun, but as you know, traffic, and especially heavy traffic is far too unpredictable to be used as a playground. I head for the hills for fun. I commute on the bike, because even riding defensively, it's more fun than the car.

    I may be old, but I've managed to ride for the best part of 35 years without having a serious prang, and I've had shitloads of fun along the way.

    One day, I hope you get to be old too.
  20. moike.....I will give you another example of what happened to me about two weeks ago. Turning left into the street that takes me home past the Stud Park Shopping Centre. I am cruising along doing about 50ish. I see this bird in a car on my right at the T-Intersection. Bang out she pops. Now I played it up a bit, locking the brake a little hooting the horn, all in good fun and really just making her aware of the near miss. She was really apologetic and frankly I think she really did shit herself.

    Now I firmly believe a less experienced rider and especially a L/P plater would have been T-boned good and proper no problems at all.

    So how the freck do I get road position in a situation like that :?:

    What is it a Kawi thing, the bastards follow me everywhere I go :evil: :wink: