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Bike Racks...Who, what, where and How?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Bamm-Bamm, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Now that Shan has got her bike we are looking at doing some weekend/overnight and maybe longer rides. As she is going to keep her bike longer than mine we are looking for a Rack and Bag for her 1997 Across. What brands would you guys suggest, what would the approximate prices be and which ones is the best value/quality etc?

    Thanks in advance

    Keith :)

  2. Keith,

    If I remember correctly, the Ventrua Rack + the 55L Bag was around $320.

  3. farrrk!
  4. There are only 2 racks around, the old Gearsack-rack (no idea if they still make the racks, haven't seen a new one on the shelf for a long time)...and the Ventura.
    Ventura are bike/ model-specific. Check the classifieds here first.
    L-brackets/rack and the small bag Aero-Delta
    are just over $300 new.
    To just purchase the racks, you need to present the tag out of an Original Ventura bag to the retailer. Brackets and rack are then around the $200 mark.
    Call Brian/ Max at BikeMart 9879 5822 for more detail.

    btw. got a complete Aero-bag combo (both the 35 and 45liter stand-alone or zip-together) with a set of carry-straps to make either one a backpack, very good nick, $100 the lot (new around $230+)....one bag comes with tag to purchase the rack/brackets.
  5. You'll end up getting Ventura. It won't happen overnight, but it WILL happen :D
  6. what about the dri-rider bags. saw their website and their stuff "look" good. Of course i will not comment on price, quality, etc as i've only seen the pictures.
  7. Another option would be to find a metal fabrication place and get them to knock together a rack from scratch.
  8. Or check out andy-strapz for bags you can strap onto the bike.
  9. Not sure about racks for an across but have a look at some tank bags as I find them really handy and you can move them from bike to bike.
  10. Gromit,

    I checked out the andy-strapz range and they look pretty good...will probably get a couple of them...thanks for the help everybody!
  11. I have an expandable tank bag and a seat bag. I find them very handy and probably wouldn't bother with a rack again. :)
  12. Aren't tank bags magnetic? I have an Across as well and you have to remember that the "tank" is actually storage and is not made up of metal so magnetic bags are no good.
  13. Not all. Must, infact, need a base to strap too, like the bagstar ones. You semi-permanently attach the base to the tank and then clip your bag on and off.

    Seany, what brand is your stuff?

    I'm thinking of going this way as I'm sick of carrying around a backpack.
  14. when i brought the accross, it came with a ventura rack.. im currently looking for a bag myself.. any my question is. are they a universal fit. ie, can i go buy a dririder bag, or a gearsack bag or oxford bag and they al fit onto the rack on my bike, or do i have to be fussy with the kind of bag i get which would obviously make it easier to ride the bike to places to try the bags...
  15. Can't go past Ventura, and Kieth let me know when you and Shannon want to go for a ride, I will drag out "ragdoll".