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Bike Rack

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by johnnydelva, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    just wondering what brand of bike racks are out there... only know of Ventura and Racksack... can anyone advise... what sort of cost am i up for for rack and bag? anyone suggest a place in melbourne? thanks.
  2. bout $350-$400 for a venturarack and bag, Best $400 I've spent (plus $250 for a just-rack kit, after I accidentally turfed the bike just under a year ago)
  3. Check out the Ventura web site. They have pics of a rack and bag for the GSR. I made up a bracket that replaces the grab rail on my bike. I had a Ventura kit on the wifes old bike and I just adapted that to fit the GSR.
    Just about any bike shop in Melbourne will be able to get Ventura products.
  4. I balked at the outrageous price for the L legs to fit an existing ventura rack to my Vz800. Bought rack and 50l bag off ebay for spare change.

    So I made them for $10 from materials sourced from bunnings.
    Have lasted 9000 klm so far.

    The rack and bag setup is the link for being able to carry stuff, it sorta bridges the gap between a car and the bike.

    I wouldn't be without mine.
  5. dude that is soo not funny :p
  6. They come as standard on the goldwings now don't they?

    I just bought a ventura kit, L brackets for the frame and then the sports rail for pillion without luggage and every day riding, and the pack rack for luggage and touring, cost about $200+, I am looking for the 45litre bag that fits the pack rack on ebay at the moment, hate paying $150 just for the bag.