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bike rack / luggage for VTR250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by brayo, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Im getting my new VTR250 next week and i wanted to know what luggage options i can put on it as i've read they are a bit hard to do.

    i would prefer a hard case with lock, that sits behind me - no saddlebags, so i can store my gear in it while at work.

    can anyone help or know or some good gear?

  2. When I had the VTR I had a Givi top box with a modified ventura rack - basically the modification entailed cutting off the bit that sticks up. I don't know whether there is a ready to go hard rack system for the VTR.

    Good luck finding something
  3. I'm not sure about hard cases as I've never looked into them, but have you thought about getting a ventura rack and bag? The bag's portable so you can keep it with you whilst away from the bike.

    ps. congrat's on the purchase. You'll enjoy!
  4. i'v dont a lot touring in europe with a givi 3 pice sweet on the back (panners and top box). i recon there is no better way to carry stuff on your bike. i'v never had water in them, even after about 6 hours riding in torencial rain then camping fir another 48 hours. not a drop.
  5. yeah i have been reading the ventura option and would prefer the hard system.

    just were i live the bike shops only cater to dirt and the slection is really poor.

    spose i'll ask the dealer and see what they have to say
  6. well looks like ventrua is it

    is it one size fits all for the mounting brackets or do you have to get a vtr250 styled one?
  7. Yes they are all individually engineered to fit different bikes, so no not one size fits all.

    Great system, I have had one for 18 months and I never leave home without my bag.

    Especially great for commuting to work everyday. Very good value for money IMHO.