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Bike Quiz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conspiracytheorist, May 1, 2008.

  1. Hey guys if you have been following Bravus' thread, https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=51406&start=0
    I'm building a quiz for new riders to take to help them find a few potential bikes that suit their requirements. This will be built in flash with spagetti code falling from the sky, the logic I'm going to use will be very basic and nowhere near perfect but yeah it shouldn't be a complete failure. At the moment I'm building up a bank of bikes that I will be including, I'm right for all sections apart from sportsbikes and tourers.

    For sportsbikes I've got
    And for tourers I have
    I've got sport tourers sorted.. but are there any LAMS bikes you'd call strictly touring bikes? :? Maybe not, but if you think of any please let me know!

    And if anyone could add any sportbike suggestions.

    Note: This is going to be for NSW LAMS laws.

    Cheers guys!
  2. Touring:

    The older Honda Deauville was 647cc, and within LAMS power/weight (138kW/tonne as calculated in the ACT), and is on the NSW LAMS list.


    Newer one (NT700V/Deauville) is 700cc and too powerful. (ACT is power/weight only; not even legal there)

    Also... Dare I say it... the Suzuki Burgmann 650 maxi scooter is LAMS approved, and oh boy does it Tour. It's the Suzuki "AN650". You can fit two full-face helmets and an extended Vietnamese family in the under-seat storage bin; the fairing and windshield are huge and effective; the pillion seat is more damn comfortable than my sofa at home.

    The baby 400cc Burgmann too; AN400.
  3. What are you trying to do to these poor people???

    Just have every path end in Honda VTR250 and be done with it :grin:
  4. What about the BMW 650?? Adventure tourer maybe??

  5. :LOL:

    If my VTR250 experience was anything to go by, I certainly wouldn't dispute doing just that. Even in the "Adventure Touring" category. :grin:
  6. MuZ Skorpion Traveller - LAMS legal and even comes with panniers (good luck finding one though ;)).

    And according to Suzuki the Across is a sports-tourer (likewise the GSX400F).

    Fairly sure Kawasaki used to market the ZZR250 as a sports-tourer too.
  7. Yeah I'm good for sports tourers, I want some pure tourers to populate the list, the muz sounds good :) As does NT650V

    A couple more would be great.

    And some more pure sports would be awesome too :)
  8. For pure sports add the SZR660.
    Also the GSXR250 (rare, but there are still a few grey-imports around).
  9. That would fall into a Dual Purpose category which would also include the Kawa KLE500 & KLR650 and the Honda Transalp, not sure if there are other duals in the LAMS list.

  10. How about these?
    BMW R65
    Honda 650 Transalp (Adventure tourer)
    Moto Guzzi V65

    Isn't much on offer in the touring range.

    Aprilia SXV 450 + 550 (Motard)
    Ducati 400ss
    Ducati M620
    Ducati 500 Pantah (Clutching straws but its technically a sportsbike)
    Husaberg FS650 (Motard)
    Husqvarna Sm450 +SM510 (Motards Again)
    Hyosung GT250 + GT650
    Yamaha RZ250

    Hope that helps.
    Have you got a motard section phizog? Plenty of LAMS motards.

    Edit: Sports - There's also the cbr250r, very similar to the rr but with a slightly higher seat and single front disc. (grey import)
  11. Thanks mate, updated my list :)

    edit: No motard section yet, I don't want to confuse the newbies hehe
  12. what about the nakeds ....
    hornet ?
  13. As I said, I've got all other classes covered :wink:
  14. Rubbish; I'm fully dressed :LOL:.

    Glad to see someone finally included the Hyosung options.....
  15. No need to confuse them. I can give some basic rules that would include/exclude all the motard models given certain questions.

    Some of the best learner bikes amongst them... and also some of the WORST choices (SXV4.5/5.5 etc), but it'd be a shame to leave them out.
  16. I'll leave the motards until the next iteration. And paul I've got the hyos down, but not in pure sports (because they are still kinda sport tourers)
  17. I would class the GT650 as a sports not sports tourer. Unless you think your SV is a tourer, that is. :grin:
  18. GT650 I've got down as neked. GT650r goes in sports tourer (I know the riding position is almost full race, but its not going in full sports because, just because)