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Bike Quiz (part 3)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by conspiracytheorist, May 5, 2008.

  1. Hey again :) As part of developing my 'which bike is right for me' quiz, I'm wanting to know out of this list, which bikes/scooters would you say CANT pilion with (physically, eg. no passenger seat or no passenger pegs stock):

    Cagiva Mito 125

    BMW R65
    Honda 650 Transalp
    Moto Guzzi V65


    250 Hornet
    Ducati M620ie
    Yamaha scorpio
    Royal Enfield BULLET CLASSIC

    bmw F650
    Aprilia PEGASO 650
    Honda XL650 Transalp
    Husqvarna 610 TE

    Honda NVS50
    Yamaha CV50
    Honda SCV100
    Kymco Vibe
    VMoto Milan Jx50
    VMoto Monza JP50
    Yamaha YW100
    Bolwell Jolie
    TGB 101S

    Yamaha XVS650
    Hyosung GV250
    Suzuki VL250
  2. Oh and also.. as part of this I'm designing an html database, basically just this whole list, but when you click on it, it will come up with that bikes page and have pictures, info, tips for buying, average price for xxxx year, etc.

    So does anyone know of a program that lets you insert this information like a form, then produces html pages? If not I'll just create a html template and do it like that.
  3. Husaberg FS650 has no pillion pegs. No Husaberg does.
    Pretty sure the DRZ400 doesn't have pegs either, not a 100% on that one though.
    I can't see any others on your list that don't have pegs from factory. Not that a learner would or should be pillioning anyway.
  4. A html database? Best I would think of is MySQL & PHP & Smarty... but that's my weapon of choice for the web.
  5. Nowhere for a pillion on most CT110s, unless the pillion is a cattle dog.
  6. Thanks guys, keep it coming.

    Also, out of that list - which are very fuel inefficient? ie. 6L/100kms or more?
  7. Geez phizog!!! You don't ask for much do you? Why don't you just start a thread requesting someone else do all the work for you. :p

    Also, is 42 bikes the entire list? Seems limited and is missing a lot of LAMS approved bikes.
  8. I've filled in the arrays with all the info I can impart - but alot of the bikes in the list I'm not familiar with (mainly cruiser and offroad/some of the older ones).

    I've worked up the first iteration of how the program will progress - before people comment 'oh thats so messy' and 'ohh you should have done xyz because of etc. etc. etc.', I know its not perfect, this is rough :)

    So I am working on it :p The list has 55 bikes - yes its not even close to all the LAMs bikes but this is a draft and it does cover most of the popular ones :)

    edit: sorry about the formatting! the tabs fell off when I submitted :(
  9. You're still missing most of the naked, 4-cylinder 250s (including two that were sold here officially) :p.
  10. nsr150 - Yes
    fzr250 - Yes
    zxr250 - Yes
    cbr250rr - Yes
    rs125 - Yes
    Cagiva Mito 125 - Yes
    RVF400 - Yes
    GSXR250 - Yes
    SZR660 - Yes

    BMW R65 - Yes
    Honda 650 Transalp - Yes
    Moto Guzzi V65 - Yes

    ninja250 (ZXR 250) - Yes
    gpx250 - Yes
    zzr250 - Yes
    gs500f - Yes
    gsx250f - Yes
    cbr125 - Yes
    gt250r - Yes
    gt650r - Yes
    gt650s - Yes

    vtr250 - Yes
    vt250 -Yes
    gs500e - Yes
    cb250 - Yes
    250 Hornet - Yes
    Ducati M620ie - Yes
    ct110 - NO
    gt250 - Done; Yes
    cbf250 - Yes
    Yamaha scorpio - Yes
    Royal Enfield BULLET CLASSIC - Yes
    CB400 - Yes

    ttr250 - NO
    bmw F650 - Yes
    Aprilia PEGASO 650 - Yes
    Honda XL650 Transalp - Yes
    Husqvarna 610 TE - NO
    Triumph TT600 - Yes
    DR-Z400E - NO (also not road legal)
    DR650RL - Yes

    Honda NVS50 - No Information
    Yamaha CV50 - No
    Honda SCV100 - Yes
    Kymco Vibe - No Information
    VMoto Milan Jx50 - No
    VMoto Monza JP50 - No
    Yamaha YW100 - Yes
    Bolwell Jolie - Yes
    TGB 101S - Yes

    Yamaha XVS650 - Yes
    Hyosung GV250 - Yes
    Suzuki VL250 - Yes
    vn250 - Yes

    GSF250 - Yes
    GSF400 - Yes
    SGF400V - Yes
    GSF250V - Yes
    KLR250 - Yes
    KE125 - Yes
    KE250 - Yes

    Source - Google Images.
  11. Correction on the above.
    Husqvarna TE610 comes with pillion pegs.
    Vmoto milan jx50 has footboards for pillions as do the Vmoto Monza, Yamaha CV50 and Kymco Vibe(its actually a Bug)
    DRZ400e No pillion capabilities but is road legal. Hence the lights and indicators.
    TTR250 has pegs and even a pillion sissy strap.
  12. Thanks I'll add to the list