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bike questions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by sjk_u_u, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. hi everyone!!!!
    ive just join the site and cant believe all these informations im getting for learners like me. anyway i am currently looking for a first bike and have no idea what to expect. i have general idea of which bike i want to get but also have few questions to ask. im 17 turning 18 next january, 178cm, 63kg and my budget for the bike is 4000K.

    Q1. I am still deciding which bike to get, nsr150, rgv250, gpx250, zzr250 or other legal bikes for learners. i kinda like nsr150(2002, 12000km, just been serviced,from a bike shop for $35000). Any suggestions??

    Q2. what sort of insurance should i get?? and is there a way which i can get a insurance by myself(without my parents help)? my parents just dun want me to get one but ive always wanted to have one.

    Q3. approximately how much will it cost me? i dun want my parents to pay for the insurance and other stuffs. i would have about $5000 after the bike.

    Q4. any other stuffs i need to know???

    thanks eveveryone
  2. Hi and welcome. :)

    You're in Sydney so why not take advantage of LAMS? I'm also not sure an RGV would be legal for you under LAMS. Any of the bikes you mentioned should be available in your price range.
    3rd party insurance at a guess will cost you aout $100, full comp might be around $500. It's too hard to give an accuate guess because there's a lot of variables. Talk to the insurance companies and get some quotes. It's your insurance and if you're paying for it they won't even ask if you have parents so I wouldn't worry about that. :grin:

    Spend a fair whack of your left over money on good quality gear. Riding is fun, gravel rash isn't. :wink:
  3. 1. Seeing as though you're in NSW you can probably rule out the RGV250 - it's not learner legal. The NSRs a 2-stroke, great for the racetrack but not ideal as an everyday bike or for learners (high maintance, peaky power delivery etc.). The GPX and ZZR are both good choices.

    2/3. Third party's probably your best bet - won't cover you if you make a mistake or if the bike's stolen but also won't wind up costing more per year than the bike. Edit: Just for a laugh I tried getting an online quote from the RACV for comprehensive insurance on a $4,000 (agreed value) GPX for a newly licenced 18 year old in Melbourne - $3,400 a year :shock:.

    4. Probably what you already know - buy good quality protective gear, it'll outlast your first bike. Also being in NSW don't overlook some of the +250cc LAMS bikes. Finally, take it slow - don't be in too much of a hurry to have the fastest bike possible.

    Oh and welcome to the forum
  4. what sort of gpx and zzr bike would i be expecting for around $3-4000?? eg km , year etc...
  5. 4000K? As in $4 million? ;)

    Jokes aside, jd's right regarding insurance. At your age, you're pissing into the wind with full comp - you'll pay at least half the value of the bike in your premium at 18.

    As you're in Sydney, the 2-strokes 250s are out, as they're not on the LAMS list. Better looking at either a basic reliable 250 (the GPX and the ZZR are certainly good options, particularly for your budget) or perhaps something bigger that's squeezed on the the list, like the 660 singles.

    Good luck with the hunt, and don't forget to budget for your gear!
  6. Don't know what used prices are like in NSW but according to Redbook the prices for new, 2006 models are $6,000 for the GPX and $8,500 for the ZZR. Obviously the GPX is going to be the cheaper option, I imagine you should be able to find a good late 90s model with low kays (<20,000) for around the 3-4k mark. ZZRs will obviously be more expensive but keep in mind they use the same engine as the GPX so you don't really gain much performance-wise.