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Bike question: VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gato, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Once again I need some expert advice from you guys.

    Year: 2004
    Mileage: 15700km
    Rego: Expiring in November 2005
    Service history: serviced 3 times
    Others: Staintune exhaust

    Some minor scratches on the headlight cover, also on the tank. Probably jacket or something rubbing against tank.

    Owner is a guy who rides all the time - no car. That explains the kms.

    How much do you think is a good price for this bike?

    Appreciate any comments and advice that you have.
  2. You forgot the most important feature - It's colour.

    Black or Red add $1,000
    Yellow subtract $1,000

  3. This bike will get a good price, not many around on the second hand market I have noticed.
    $6,000 - $6,900 black or Red
    $5,500 Yellow

    In a bike shop the price will be $1,000 more.
  4. i have a similar question im thinking of selling my VTR and trying to figure out what it's worth, i have a idea but just interested in a more experienced opinion , it's a 2000 model, always professionally serviced, just about to have 48k service :)

  5. oops forgot to mention the colour! :oops:

    matt black
  6. that price for a 15000km? i'm asking to get your view on the mileage.

    saww the photo, very nice bike. it's got staintune pipe as well. looks well taken care of. provided it had never been dropped and, as you said, have been well serviced, if it were me, i would be willing to pay about $4000.
  7. For that I magine you will be looking at between 6000 - 6500.

    On the road you are looking at nearly 9k brand new so this is a pretty decent price.

    I bought my vtr250 in may. It was 6 months old, had 18 months left on the warranty, was absolutely in showroom condition and I bought it from a dealer for $6900. It is blue and had 900km's on the clock and had just had its first service. I think i got a pretty good deal.



    wtf? This forum software is sooooo lame. It nevers parses my tags....pfft
  8. You cant post images. Change img to url.
  9. which is a pity IMO
  10. VTR 250

    I'm thinking of selling my Honda VTR250

    2000 Model
    Red (so that means it's fast - right?)
    Roo Racing Carbon Pipe
    Professionally Maintained
    Nil Damage
    Always stored in garage
    New Tyres
    New Battery
    Location: Perth

    Any idea what I am likely to get for it, either private or dealer?

    Cheers, Bikenoel (Perth)