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Bike question: VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gato, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. yesterday after work i went to look at this bike:

    2002 HONDA VTR250
    Colour: Black
    Kilometres: 5,400km
    Rego expiry: Nov 2005
    Price: $6,500

    i don't know much about bikes so i did basic visual inspections. the bike looks well taken care off. there was a scratch on the top of the exhaust, can't imagine how that can happen. maybe a stilleto heel....

    the bike started the first time. i felt the tank, it was not warm. so i guess the owner did not pre-warm the bike.

    i checked the red book:
    2002 HONDA VTR250
    Trade in price guide* $3,000 - $3,500
    National average price - private sale* $4,200 - $5,000
    Price when new (RRP) $7,990

    what is a fair price for this bike? is $5500 too low? too much?
    i appreciate your opinions.
  2. I bought the same year VTR back in January this year. Had 15,000km on the dial, but also 11 months reg included & a ventura rack. Cost me a little more (was from a shop), but also had new back tyre & chain for roadworthy. They also put on a bikini fairing, it was lowered & delivered in the deal - and I was happy with the price. Its an excellant bike & they hold their resale value well. So I guess what I'm saying its worth what you're prepared to pay..... I like my bike :D
  3. G'day gato,

    5,400 in 3 years is prety good.

    For the sake of comparison, I bought my '01 VTR250 6,200kms good cond. for $5K.

    I'd say $6500 is a bit steep. I think your guesstimate of $5500 might be about right. I'd be interested to see what others say.

    It's a great bike if you can get a fair price for it.
  4. Just recently bought my VTR250:

    2004 model - 1 year old
    9100 klms (freeway riding, work and back)
    mint condition
    2 weeks reg & i got the RWC (needed nuthin!!)
    factory warranty transferred (1 year remaining)
    ventura rack & bag as well

    So if the one you're looking at compares, then it seems a fair price. End of the day it comes down to what you want to pay.

  5. XenaWP, that's a good deal! what was the original asking price? did you try to haggle it down?
  6. there's always going to be someone that gets a better deal, and someone that gets worse... as long as you're somewhere in the middle and you can afford to pay the asking price, then IMO, you're doing ok :)

    for another comparison i bought my 2001 model this year with just over 5K on the clock for just over $5500. no cosmetic damage at all and it had been for all it's services (stamped in the log book). also came with 4 months rego and tyres that were at about 60%.
  7. Do you have a budget?. The new price would be about $8,500 on the road, so second hand bike after 1 year should pull $6,000 - $6,500, so I am thinking the 2002 Model foe $6,600 is expensive, offer the person $5,500 then I would say the price is not bad.
  8. That seems strange, tyres 60% after 5,000k's, I think after 10,000 they would be that.
  9. hi xxsteve, my budget is $5500. i offered that but was turned down. by the way, according to the guy, the bike has had 3 owners (including him). that seems too many for the bike's age?
  10. that's a complete guesstimate on my part.

    the bike is up to 13K now and the tyres are being replaced today.
  11. gato, I'd suggest that you bide your time unless you've got cash to spare. Have you got all your gear yet, etc? $500 or so might come in very handy!

    Something you're less hesitant with (if you are!) will come up if you wait long enough and keep your eye out.

    Have you got your heart set on a VTR or do you have other bikes in mind? Perhaps you might want to look out for a ZZR250 or a Spada or something as well...
  12. Three owners in three years suggests that the bike has only been bought "to get through restrictions" therefore maintenance may have been neglected (given the kays travelled it's possible that the oil may have only been changed once or twice in that time - if at all).
  13. hi VC, i have got my gear. helmet, jacket, gloves, draggin jeans, boots, also back protector.

    i do have my heart set on the VTR250. a Spada is also an option, but being a little older ('90s) i am worried about reliability. also, there seem to be so many Spada grey imports. should these things worry me? i was told that when a bike is grey-imported, it gets stripped down and rebuilt to fit the australian standards etc.

    i guess all i can do is keep looking out for The Bike and wait.
    this is so much harder than the license tests :(
  14. hi jd, i see what you mean. when i get my bike, i will most likely ride it for a year, then upgrade to a biker bike.

    the current owner told me he has never serviced it. if i take a look at it again, i will ask to look at the service book.

  15. hey gato- I bought my 99 vtr with 42, 000 km on it, full log books and servicing history for $3800.
    I was a bit concerned about the k's, so had a chat with a honda mechanic at new world honda in berwick.
    The engines are fairly bullet proof, no cam chains makes for long servicing- the first major service (ie pulling the engine apart) is around 48000 km.
    He said as long as the bike has been serviced regularly, k's shouldn't be an issue.
    Get an older year maybe? Save some $$$
    (if you can put up with the dodgy 'vtr' stickers on the older models that is...)
    my 2c :)
  16. Hi Gato,
    Like xoraak, i too recently bought a 99 vtr250 - paid a little bit more for it tho :)
    It had 36,500km on it... and i think i've gotten used to the dodgy vtr sticker :LOL: !!

    Anyway, at the end of the day, it really depends on how much you want to spend and how long you are willing to wait for the right bike at the right price to come along...

    But, yeah, $6.5k does sound a little bit steep.
  17. He was asking $6500.00 with RWC & only knocked him down to $6450 & I paid for the RWC - it was just TOO good to try & haggle over - very fair price for a mint bike - took an expert mate with me (bike mechanic), who said "BUY IT GIRL"... so I did.....:)

  18. hey congrats on the purchase! i'm sure it'll serve you well and when you end up trading it in you won't lose much anyway.......enjoy!
  19. Why would you want to look at it again after hearing that? :shock: :?

    It doesn't really sound like he wants to drop the price and he's either too honest or too stupid to even hide the fact that it's beentreated badly and not maintained. I don't want to spoil the fantacy but I'd have walked away without hesitation. :)
  20. always good to have a mechanic mate :D
    that sounds like a good bike to me. by the way, did you buy it in the winter or summer? the number of VTR250 on the market dropped so drastically last week. it has to be the motogp and the weather!