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Bike question Aprilia rs 125

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gabak, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Hi all I have a question i dont care about speed but will a Aprilia rs 125 carry me without harming the bike as i am 6ft and 125kg i am not fussed about going fast i just want to ride.

    :p :p :p

  2. Answer, yes it will, but you'll get sick of it real quick, and wish you'd bought something a bit bigger IMHO. You may also find it fairly cramped and uncomfortable.
  3. I thanks i understand about the small bike thing but its just until i turn 30 next year and get unristricted license and then i can get something bigger as i did my research and best bike to get and not spend too much and it holds its value and is not 14 years old with some new paint like cbr 250rr

    or i was thinking ignore lams and goo 600cc straight away but that would be stupid i thought :D :D
  4. I agree. I guess the most important consideration is what will you be able to sell it for next year, cos that will have to help fund the bigger bike. I passed an Aprilia 125 in Croydon the other day, it's a fine looking machine.....
  5. o sorry and with my fat self on the 125 wont hurt the motor in any way will it i know it will hurt the suspension :p
  6. In a 250 have a look at the Hyosung GT250R. It's big for a 250 and while not lightning fast I doubt you'll hit it's limits before you hit yours for a while at least.

    It won't hold it's value as well as the Aprilia but it's a crap load cheaper, doesn't have the extra maintanence requirements of the 2-stroke RS and 250s always hold their value reasonably well anyway.

    Which state are you in though because if you are under LAMS surely there must be something out there. Maybe one of the derestrictable 600/650s?
  7. no it won't, you'll just be penalsing the performance relative to a lighter rider being on the same bike, that's all.
  8. Have already check the hoysong but budget is $4k max $5k only because have plans for bigger bike later and want to buy all the prober safety equipment jacket, boots, glove, helmet, pants almost another $2k

    and all the 250's ive seen in my budget are too old, too expensive or not sporty and faired enough for my liking
  9. Mate, have a look at a VTR250, I have had one for the past 7 months, I learned to ride on it. My mate just bought a 2005 Aprilia RS125. It's a great bike if your a 60kg jockey who likes riding the clutch to 8,000 rpm from the lights to prevent the darn thing from stalling!. On the track it would be an awsome bike, but on the road, it's pretty pointless. If you can wait a year, get yourself a 'real' bike (ie; not learner legal) or try and get either a bigger capacity learners bike (Suzuki GS500?), or a good 250 like a VTR250!.