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Bike Pushed Over

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by spooninatar, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. If anyone around the Fortitude Valley area saw this happen last on Tuseday (27th) can you please let me know ?
    Bit of a long shot that someone here was actually walking past when this happened, but it's worth a try.

    Who ever knocked the bikes over didn't leave a note. I hope the culprit is going to enjoy their tax return,
    because I am about to lose half of mine to insurance excess.

    What gets me is that this was done by someone that rides a bike ( we think it was a scooter ), and secondly, no attempt was made
    to right the bikes or contact us. If the culprit said .. " Sorry I pushed the bikes over. I don't have insurance,
    but i'll pay for your excess" i would of been happy.

  2. :( not cool mate. what a damned coward - if only he'd left a note and manned up to it. or she.
  3. which ones yours?

    what a squib. I once saw a van who pushed over a bike then just drove away. The prick knew I saw him do it but he just drove anyway. Didn't give a ****. I tried to pick up the bike but couldnt (i was about 14) so wrote the numberplate of the van and left the piece of paper between the dash and the visor. Hope the guy got him back.
  4. The guy that owns the bike on it's side left a note for me ( thanks btw if you read this ). His mates walked past after it happened and took the picture. His bike didn;t start and had to be towed, and it will take 4 weeks until it's all fixed.

    Not cool at all

    Mines the one in the middle
  5. so how did the right most bike get pushed over? Its down on its kickstand side.
    It may be more a case of the kickstand was not properly down and fell onto the next one.
  6. thats what i thought too ...

    if it was a hot day i would have said side stand sink syndrome.
  7. When talking to the guy who owns the red bike, he said he checks to make sure the bike is ok before walking off.

    There was a bike parked on his right, and sometime between 11:30 and 12:30 the bike rode off, and the red bike fell over. I walked past at about 10:30 and it was all fine, and he walked past at about 11:30 and it was still fine then.

    I think the red bike was parked with his kick stand on, or near the crack in the footpath. Plus it's hard to tell, but the road slopes down slightly to the left of the picture. So it may have only needed a small push? There are a couple of scooter riders who decide to get their bikes into the smallest gap possible. Some get off their bikes and push them into place. We suspect it was one of them.

    It was like Melbourne weather on tuesday i.e. cold and wet.
  8. Wet bitumen, not a stand sink unless the stand wasn't fully extended. Wonder how much effort needed to tip a bike over its stand - fair bit I'd reckon but not about to go to garage to experiment!!

    I remember a Guzzi in Melb once sank into the bitumen footpath, fell over and busted the spark plug. biatch!!

  9. From all reports scooter riders not the most respectful when it comes to parking eitiquette.
  10. I almost removed and parked a scooter on the road because I could not get on my bike. I gave it until the end of my smoke before I was going to move it, and lucky for him, he showed up.
  11. Yeah that's the usual drama - they park where they want and don't give a stuff about other riders. Glad I don't work in the city anymore and gladder still they let us park our bikes in the basement of our building (specially since we're in Dandenong)
  12. Do you park here on a regular basis maybe you might be able to recognise the other bike/scooter that was parked there if you see i again
    Is there any cctv around ? I hope this person gets whats coming to them
  13. + 1 on CCTV since you know the time it happened. Any local CCTV and security would love to help.
  14. Maybe it wasn't knocked over by someone leaving, could have been someone trying to fill the spot again?
    If someone put some forward motion into the push on the red bike it would be easy for the kick stand to fold back up.
  15. Your reports are wrong there, motorcyles are just as bad. I have more greif with motorcyclist where I park than I do with scooters.
  16. i think someone reversed into it, pushing it forward, rear bumber to rear tire maybe.
  17. Just read the post ... that's fairly rude spooninatar ... whoever did it is a piece of scum.

    However, your post just made up my mind about saving on parking fees and parking on the road ... I work in the Valley ... and will continue to pay for parking I guess. There are just too many numbnuts walking, riding and driving around in this place.
  18. I'm on a waiting list to park in the carpark at work. But I don't think anyone is going to be leaving soon :(

    I am looking at paying as well if I can get the early bird option.

    When I was in the City, i used to park in Sofitel. $5 a day with CCTV ... was a bargin.
  19. Scooters in Sydney; some of them should leave can openers so i can get my bike out at times.
  20. Hey Spooninatar,
    Sorry to hear about that; hope she scrubs up OK.
    I have watched badwords on scooters trying to squeeze their bikes into 'holes' outside festival hall apartments as well; no room, but it doesnt' stop them. Could easily have been someone trying to get in, knocking the bikes over & then doing a runner. Good luck finding them.
    And yes, it isn't always just scooters; I had two harleys try to fit into the one bike bay next to mine in Bulimba one night as well; I couldn't really get my bike upright again to get going. Hopefully me warming up the bike with the exhausts leaning on their leather purses on the sides of their bikes did some damage...
    I spend $6 a day for undercover parking, which is observed by the parking attendants...happier there then on the street with those badwords.