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bike purchase km query - urgent advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JETLEE, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Hi all
    I am looking at picking a up a 2001 blue r6 in very good condition with oggy knobs & exhaust for $7500 (reg exp in may)
    It does ride ok but i think the tyres were a little flat as it kept wanting to straighten up as i was counter steering at low speeds - myself and my mate who rode it thought the same thing. I am getting a bike mechanic to check over everything first

    But main concern is that it has done 34,000kms. Is that alot of kms for a bike. I will be the third owner. The lass i am buying it from has hardly ridden it to its potential and i trust her but it is obvious that the first owner rode it heaps.

    What do you think guys
  2. It's <7000km a year, which hardly seems excessive. That mileage wouldn't bother me on a 5 year-old bike.

    I'd be more interested in whether it's been looked after properly. Does it come with a service history?
  3. It does come with service history from the 2nd owner who i am purchasing off but i am unsure about the 1st owner
    it hase also been lowered about 1cm as the girl was 5-7 but some am i, so i aint fussed about that
  4. I agree, main things are general condition and if it has had regular oil drops. Lack of oil drops can lead to all sorts of problems and reduce the engine's life alot. Can especially make the engine noisy.

    If there is service history or you can find out where it was serviced and it all seems regular, then the k's shouldn't matter.

    $7k for a 5 years old bike is a great price.
  5. How much are you going to use it?

    If your only going to do weekends, then it's not too bad.

    But as a daily commuter, it may be a problem.

    The reason is twofold. Most bike engines need some top-end attention in the 50-80,000 k range. This means you may have to do the work, and carry the expense.

    Alternatively, you could sell it before then, but most people are aware of this and as a result devaluation after 30,000 kms is pretty high.

    Keep in mind it's a 600, which means it works pretty hard. So it wears more too.

    I'd want it cheap myself, but I do arounf 24,000 a year and I would need to do some engine work on this within a year or so.
  6. 34,000 kms? Barely run in!

    In general, ignore the kms and look at the overall condition of the bike.
  7. I know someone with a Honda CBR929 with 179,000km's and it's still going strong. Aside from reshimming some of the valves and replacing a dud reg/rec, it has been faultless.
    I bought a 99 VTR1000 with 60,000k, now put about another 10,000km and it's mechanically A1 (I've pulled the head down myself and all valve clearances are within spec).
    The main thing is to get a service record if possible and get a good mechanic to check the bike over.
    Modern bikes are quite bullet proof, provided the regular maintenance is performed.
    I'd be more worried about crash damage and maintenance record than Odometer readings when purchasing a new bike.
  8. well i am planning on riding to work on nice days but i only live 10km from work.
    maybe 50km per week i guess
    but the occasional trip up the windies
    i couldnt see myself doing more than 2000km a year max
  9. JETLEE wrote:
    well i am planning on riding to work on nice days but i only live 10km from work.
    maybe 50km per week i guess
    but the occasional trip up the windies
    i couldnt see myself doing more than 2000km a year max

    Dam 2000k's a year, you serious? :shock:

    I don't commute anymore, but even so, I'd do that in 8 or less weekend rides in the hills... Maybe 2.5 months. Why don't you save your money and just rent a bike on the days you want to go out?
  10. well if i commute twice a week, that is 40kms, then cruise around 1-2 evening/weekends that maybe another 60, so it works out to around 1200kms, then plus a few big rides so maybe i quess 3000kms max sounds more like it.
    i mean i really only ride as a social thing with my other mates and locally on weeknights
  11. Fair enough. And I guess it also depends on how much time spare you have also.

    I used to commute to work & ride all weekend and I was doing almost 20k's a year, but now it's more like 10-12k's with mostly just weekend riding and a few trip away here & there.

    It's my car that does nothing :LOL: :LOL: , maybe 4k's a year if it's lucky and that's with 1-2 trips to Sydney. It just sits there under its cover...