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NSW Bike pulled over for lane splitting

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ewok2000, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Caught a taxi to work this morning and saw this guy on a VTR 250 lane splitting and changing lanes constantly. Next thing I know, a BMW police bike speeds past my window (lane splitting as well), and about a k down the road, both the biker and the cop were on the side of the road. Looks like a ticket was being written out for the biker.

    Mate, if you're reading this, bad luck. You were lane splitting past stationary traffic anyway so I don't see why the police should have any problems with that.

    What's the fine/ no. of points you get for lane splitting anyway.
  2. Lane filtering seems fine but the constantly changing lanes could be the reason why he was pulled over.

    Those bmw's can split? wow, would have thought they were to much of a tank to fit between cars.
  3. how unlucky , i'm guilty of lane splitting or actually lane filtering . it seems logical to filter through traffic , why would a bike cop have a problem with fitering ? revenue raising @ its finest again ..
  4. He might have been speeding further back? Also, wheeeeeeere was this? Not that I split of course :eek:hno:
  5. I think this gets brought up a lot (splitting + filtering) with apparent mix up of the official terms. Lane filtering is a bike passing stationary traffic (or low speed, less than 5km/h I think - walking pace?) and lane splitting is passing cars whilst moving (at 'speed') from my recollection. It's probably best for people to use official terms just so no one mixes up what's going on and gives 'wrong' advice due to the mixup of terminology.
  6. He's a menace on the roads and should have his bike confiscated!

    The cop that is :LOL:
  7. Was at the start of Anzac Bridge heading towards the city. The guy was pulled over near the Pyrmont Rd exit after Anzac Bridge.

    The two bikes I saw afterwards were behaving themselves and sitting behind cars....until they got around the bend and were out of sight.
  8. I was under the impression both are technically illegal in NSW, while there is no defiant law that states, riders must not split/filter traffic, they can book you for a few things. i can only remember one of the charges they fine you for (changing lanes without indicating), but i believe there are 2 others.

    The safer move is to never split/filter when cops are around, but sometimes you just dont see them.
  9. Especially when they're not in cop cars....I split between two cars the other week (to get away from some f**ker in a kingswood that was tailgating me), next stop this little daihatsu sirion thing winds it's window down and a copper shows me his badge....

    ....off duty, didn't have his pad, but wrote down my details etc, said i was gonna be getting a neg driving ticket in the post. Haven't seen it yet, but not getting too excited. Needless to say I tend to avoid lane splitting (not needed really on tassie roads), but I'll filter at lights wherever I can.
  10. Passing on the left is another.
  11. Bloody Narc's.
    Whenever I was in QLD on the GSXR thou, would do it all the time, traffic called for it. Great for roadworks or traffic jams, just slowly coast past and pull in where the bottle neck is over.
    And if it got too tight and the car mirrors, were in the way, Wheelstand. Just kidding.
    But seriously, I still reckon if you're not being stupid doing it, you're not only doing the right thing, but you're helping with congestion.

    My 2 cents anyway
  12. You should have told him you were trying to get away from the idiot in the kingswood (and tell him to do his job and book the people who are actually driving dangerously).
  13. Official terms?? I don't know a government in Aus that even recongises lane splitting/filtering let alone has official terms for the practice.

    That's what us Netriders have come to define it as, but I doubt any cop is going to recognise (or care about) the subtle difference between the two when he's booking you for neg driving, failure to indicate, passing on the left and the host of other offenses that he can book you for. Note: there is no official offense called "lane splitting" or "lane filtering"

    In fact it's probably best for the noobies around here to know that there are no official terms at all to describe what we do, but there are a plethora of offenses they can be booked for whether they are "splitting" or "filtering".

    Sorry to sound like a pedant and pick your post apart Waz, but if we want to make sure the noobs learn the right stuff, then we gotta make sure we're telling them the right stuff...
  14. cple of wks ago i split between stationary traffic only to park it next to a marked cop car. i gave him a thumbs up as he sized me up.

  15. This has been done to death, there are a number of offences that can take place when splitting/filtering
  16. That's cool except I have read about the "official" terms I mentioned. A quick search on here shows (watching a movie, can't dedicate too much time to doing much else)

  17. I did that last night coming home from blacktown! I was "filtering" through the traffic while they were sitting there on a red light, 3 lanes way and a truck 2nd pozzy back in the middle. I come pulled up at the front and look to my right and there it was, paddy wagon with 2 cops looking right at me! Oh joy i thought, but didnt even have any trouble.
  18. So what do you do if you lane filter and end up next to a police car? Take off like normal after filtering and get out in front or do you let them get ahead/take off slowly and pull in behind them? :LOL:
  19. I just took off as normal, didnt go over the speed limit (much) and kept the bike in second gear. Didnt take long to get distance between them as they got stopped at the next traffic lights. Its almost like a spider in your room, if you dont bother them they wont bother you kind of thing! :LOL:
  20. i have ended up next to coppers at the lights and as long as you don't scream up to the lights they normally don't care too much.

    that being said it also depends on the cop and the type of day he has had. but as long as you are being smart about it then there shouldn't be any trouble