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Bike Protection

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DuHAST, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. I never leave it in public - PERIOD.

  2. If i leave it, it is ALWAYS in sight.

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  3. Fork lock.

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  4. Alarm.

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  5. Disk Lock.

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  6. Cable/Chain lock (e.g. Kryptonite)

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  7. Leave it unsecured, not concerned.

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  1. With this recent spate of and bikes getting knocked over & thefts,
    what do you guys do about securing/protecting your bike ?

    personally i only leave mine in public if its within sight.

  2. Good question Duhast

    Ive just purchased my first bike and currently looking and deciding what is most effective ie: cost / deterent / ease of use etc and a little confused.

    Am keen to see the results :)
  3. Insurance, immobiliser, and a deeply undesirable bike are my solution!
  4. Insurance ,....... if they want it ,they will take it.
  5. I tend not to leave my bike anywhere for very long.
  6. Bought a Hyosung. No one wants to steal them :LOL:

    Seriously though, steering lock at all times. Disc lock whenever I remember. Padlocks on the panniers. If at home it's always locked in the garage.

    Sled is right though, if they want it, they WILL take it.
  7. I use multiple security devices.
    Disk lock with alarm and a big bad chain, also a bike cover if leaving for some time in certain cirumstances.
    Of cause i also have insurance.
  8. Disc lock and faith in God......
  9. well at least the disk lock might work
  10. ah, but you see......

    oh never mind, too hard to explain :grin:
  11. Steering lock.

    Twist o the key and a whole lot of faith is protecting my bike at the shops ^_^
  12. I park next to better looking bikes ;)
    hasnt been stolen yet!!

    seriously, I park in front of cameras when i can, but mostly i dont leave it unless i can see it.
  13. Steering lock at all times, other than that if they really want it they will take it. Mostly the bigger bikes that go missing anyways. Fully insured also.
  14. Steering lock and faith in fellow human being that they would not get interested in my bike.
  15. Lock it and Leave it...... if they take it..... insurance buys me another one.... life's too short to be paranoid....
  16. "Who's the bloke watching your bike for you?"


    "He looks mean."

    "No shit! He once had his own son whacked?"

  17. Like how you stand next to me to avoid abduction. :cool: :LOL:
  18. Always use a disk lock and chuck on a cable lock too if it's in a dodgy area.

    And i'll be soon buying a super heavy duty chain and lock for really dodgy areas where the bike will be out the front of the house overnight.
  19. yes... to avoid abduction...

  20. Fully comp insurance seems to give me piece o mind,they would be doing me a favour stealing it anyways,insured for more than its worth,any takers?I know nahsing,naaahsing :-#