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Bike prices

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Monkey, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. As I'm hoping to get a new bike in a couple of months, I've started checking out prices to get a general idea of what the markets like. Looking at the usual suspects in the 600 class, (gsxr600, R6, CBR600RR & zx6r), it seems the Yamaha's are a good $2,000 cheaper than the other 3 bikes. Whereas a zx6r 2004 goes for $11-13k, the 2004/2003 R6 seems to average $9k-10.5k.

    Is there any reason for this? Reliability issues with the R6? Flawed observation?

  2. Just off the topic a little, I've just checked out the 2006 ZZR600 Kawaka and it looks and sounds (specs) remarkbly like the 02/04 ZX6 and its 11k new plus on road costs which could be a nice (and new) comprimise.
    About your query, I think the 04 is the 636 version and was still one of the best all round bikes in the country. Isn't 03 when the first r6 came out,and there were something like 140 changes by the next model? That could be part of the reason, as I've always been told/advised (by people who work in vehicle development) never buy the first model of anything, let them get the bugs out first.
  3. Hey Eric - did you say (mean) 2006 ZZR600 ?? I was under the distinct impression that there is no 2006 Model ZZR600 (in Australia at least). 2005 Model was last one to be released here.

    If your in Oz, where can I get one ;)
  4. Does ANYONE know if there is a AUSTRALIAN release of the 2006 ZZR600 ??
  5. lol it looks like there is no ZZR600 in OZ this year... and yeah it does look like the older version of the ZX6.. lotsa parts intechangable at a quick glance...

    Tipical parts bin bike...
  6. It is simply the old ('00' - '01')ZX-6R that has been re-badged as ZZR-600 so they can sell it along side the current ZX6R

    Review about the 2006 ZZR600 (ZX6R) here:
  7. Oi! Get your own thread if you want to talk about ZZR's!

    Thanks for the response Eric. Might be something to your theory. Can anyone else confirm this?
  8. The R6 first came out in '99...

    The last generation R6's do seem to be a little bit cheaper, I'd a;ways thought it has to do with the increased volume of sales, meaning that (increased amounts) of those desperate to sell will drag the market price down a little.

    Good 04 zx6's can be found for similar money ($10-10.5k) if you look in the right places. Generally most of the 600's go for similar money (same year, same condition/km's), but 2nd hand exmaples of the newest ones (i.e. 06 R6) do command a premium.
  9. The first R6 came out in 99, where have the years gone.

    Now between preparing to write 20 annual appraisals i got onto the ZZR600. The website that had the posting in OZ apologized as the people who look after their Website got the info from the kawasaki USA.

    Undetered I decided to contact Kawasaki Australia, appraisals are very boring things to write. Spoke to Kevin. He stated that the 06 model ZZR600 was not planned to be released in Australia by the big K. He did admit he was interested in the model himself and added not to hold me breath at there release in the near future.

    I replied that the decision was a pity considering what the bike actually is/was ZXR, and it was the last of alround sports bike and world of difference from the previous ZZR models and fits in the middle of there current range nicely. The new 650 don't appeal to me, the retro bikes would appeal to my older brother, the ZX are cool but i'm hitting 40, 4 knee Ops and would need a Chiropractor after being on one of those thins for 2 hours!!!

    This begs the question, how many people would be TRUELY interested in this bike coming to OZ. Do you think its worth setting up a pole to see how many people would be willing to put a deposit up front around the country? Then letting the big K know of the interest. Think of it as bring
    the mountain to Mohammad.

  10. The ZZR600 is no more in Australia and there is to be no replacement.

    The one referred to in the article is the US model and yes, it is an old ZX6

  11. the markey segment you're talking about has been slowly discontinued over the last 5(ish) years which is a real pity. (sports bikes that aren't purely for the track and dont have a 15cm square pillion seat, and also don't have a centre stand.)

    yzf600 thundercat discontinued.
    cbr600f (2000 model) with comfy single seat, centre stand etc discontinued.
    zzr600 discontinued, though granted it was a very old design at the end of its life, it's a pity it got binned rather than updated.
    zx6 mutated more and more into a supersports as did the gsxr.

    honda did have the cbr6004fi which was a comfy mix of sports and everyday riding but it has been discontinued this year. it's a real pity because i think a lot of people would prefer a street sports bike, rather than supersports.

    if i was in charge of designing a bike it would be a inline 4 street sports bike, not horrible for the pillion, fully fared and be tuned for reasonable mid range torque at the expense of some top end speed, which street riders never use anyway.. anyone know a bike like that :?: cause if they do i'm buying :grin:
  12. The 00-01 ZX6R. Comfy, punchy engine (fairly good torque), more up right handlebars. It is basically the last model before they became much more supersport orientated like you described.
  13. Eric,

    Put me down as a deposit on a New 2006 ZZR600 if we can get them into Australia ;)

    I did speak to a Kawasaki dealer a little while back and he said that although it is a shame that the ZZR600 is no longer being imported into Australia the sales were Very Slow (Pitty for a Legend of a Motorcycle).

    He also said that for the bike to be brought in as part of the "Range", Kawasaki would have to commit to supporting the motorcycle for x amount of years afterwards (with Spares, warranty, repairs etc..) and with the numbers of bike that they had been selling, didnt find it feasable. [sob sob]

    Anyways - I would LOVE one and if it means getting a near new second hand one - as my only viable option - That MAY have to do !

    Unless we can get a group buy hehehehe.

  14. Mike,

    The group buy isn't a bad idea, its how the idea is sold and appplied. kawasaki would have to commit to parts etc I think for 8 years after the model is released.

    The other issue is the cost of ADR compliance, which maybe not that much of a stretch seeing the bike was already released in OZ.

    I can see them dropping the bike due to low sales based on previous figures, but this is a different animal entirely, and the fall of similar models from the other companies is shame.

    The idea would be to find out how much interest one could get form any possible pre orders. This could be accomplised by lobbying the various bike publications etc. If the figure is enough for Kawasaki to be interested and a business case put to forward to them who knows what is possible.

    Just imagaine yourself as the marketing guy at Kawaka Oz and you see the publicity of this issue growing, and a number of people (AKA there consumers, and the life blood of his pay) committed to pre ordering this model. This will give them an idea of how much of the market is interested in the product with minimal risk associated. The rest would be number crunching for spares etc in the background. Added to this they would get a possible bonus increase in sales for the year.

    The question is what would the magical figure be before they are interested.,