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Bike prices between now (Jan 07) and July ..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tim^, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Just got my L's .. looking for a bike and bike prices compared to book values seems just ridiculous ... are book prices based on winter months? I know this is prolly the worst time of year to buy a bike .. but what people are asking is just so far above market value .. what do you do? wait till winter or pay the premium? am looking for a naked GSF or similar ...

  2. I don't think the prices change all that dramaticly, but there will be more bikes on the market (2nd hand).

    It's also possible that in the winter months people will be more leaniant on working out a lower price, as they may just want to get rid of the bike.
  3. Funny you think that. I was just yesterday thinking how prices have fallen in the year since I bought a 250. I guess they always seem expensive when you are buying and as soon as you have a bike there are bargains everywhere! :mad:

    Murphy's Law.
  4. Make an offer?

    The value is what someone is prepared to pay. If you're serious and ready to buy, tell them when you call up you are prepared to offer $xxx subject to a test ride and inspection.
  5. This is the eternal quandry... when you are buying a bike everyone wants top dollar. When you are selling it they all want a bargain.

    I'm pretty over it these days... I tend to trade more than I sell (less hassle).
  6. As toe said, people (dealers especially) often have very high prices on the bikes. My zzr was supposed to be 6990, walked out the door with it for 5000. Get the ball rolling with talking, test riding, and they will lower the price. Don't think anyone pays the asking price these days. Even on new bikes.
  7. What do you do?

    Tell them what you are prepared to pay; bargain with them.
    Only a ***** pays the advertised price no questions asked.
  8. How long have you been monitoring the 2nd-hand market for bikes?
    Why not ask why the 'book value' source/guide you are comparing to has got it so wrong and so undervalued?
  9. Hi,

    I have been looking over them for the last 3 weeks.. Most of the shops I have been to (Ringwood & Elizabeth St) had on average only 2 or 3 used 250's, and it looks like sumoto.com.au is just a huge rip off on pre 1990 bikes for over $3000 .. (my budget is between $4000 & $5000, but not for a pre 1990 bike) ](*,)

    As people have said above, I will just have to work on negotiating harder!! :blah:

  10. Being in Victoria the 250 market is overpriced anyway.
    No matter what the "Book Value" is, it does not take this into account.

    Until we get LAMS here, this won't change.
  11. Yes because people are forced to buy a bike under 260cc on their L's/P's/Restricted then the demand for especially 250s will go up. As the demand goes up for a product, so too can sellers sell for a higher price.