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Bike price question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Anton, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I was searching through trading post and found this:

    I WAS going to consider buying it but thought $1200 was a bit sus. Do you know why someone would sell it that cheap ? Stolen? Unseen damages maybe?

    I know it says cracked fairing... but that shouldn't drop its price that dramaticaly should it?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section
  2. Could be a variety of reasons. It's got no RWC and it doesn't say that it's running. It could be way out of rego and not been started in a long time. Just cause it's "looks" OK in the pics doesn't mean a thing.

    It's 19 years old

    Without more info, I wouldn't be putting a cent of my hard earned anywhere near it.

    Have a look here at what shiny looking bikes can do to you: clicky
  3. well it might be it might not be ring him and ask to see the bike if he has it and all the numbers match and its not stolen or has money owing on it do a check on it if all good and you like it buy it. if it still seems sus dont buy it
  4. BTW - learn how to post a URL properly, and not have a huge long url that creates a horizintal scroll bar on the screen:

    you need to put the URL between URL Tags, which are , the first one opens the tag and the 2nd one closes it, thus the "/" in it

    if you do it like this : <insert link name, ie "Clicky" here>

    that's what I did in the post above
  5. Oldest year of a grey import & it's in Darwin.

    Red book lists trade in value as $1300 - $1600 & private sale $2100 - $2500
  6. There I edited it for him / you Doonxy baby :p

    Happy now ? :LOL:
  7. The horror! :eek:
  8. I know this should be in "Site Discussion" but the URL tags are not intuitive. The = should be placed in the tag automatically.
    I know its old BB code but its a tough one for n00bs to master.

    OP, you'll get the hang of it :wink:
  9. My guess would be that it hasn't got the right import paperwork and is therefore unregisterable in Australia.
  10. plenty of running decent fzr's on ebay that sell for a si,,ilar price looks legit,
  11. Looks legit to me. I just sold an SRX250 for $1300 with RWC so there are bargains around.
  12. you all seem to have some good ideas to why its price is so low, I think I will call him soon and ask a few of these questions.

    And sorry for not posting the URL properly.. It was like 2 am here and I was just posting before heading to bed.. It didn't cross my mind that the URL was so long :oops: Thanks for editing it properly. :)

    I thought that maybe it WAS a good deal but the fact its the cheapest bike I've seen for sale in darwin makes it seem too good to be true. I should just go and test ride it to see how it handles being turned on.

    Ah well .

    Thanks again :)