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Bike Practice Session - L platers

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Jimi, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Hi all!

    A practice sessoin has been organised for Saturday 5th Feb.

    Old cattle yards carpark on Cheltenham Road, Dandenong.
    Saturday 5th Feb @ 10am.

    This session is geared for L platers and will also have focuses on the P test. We will set up witches hats and run through many of the basics of bike handling and corners etc. It does not go for any vertain time period, just until we have had enough, however, if I have my way, it may be followed by a ride.

    If you can make it, let me know so we have an idea of numbers.
  2. Yup, count me in.
  3. Count me in.

    :D :D :D
  4. Sounds good. Will confirm soon.
  5. Will there be any fully licenced riders attending or could this be the place to glean all the bad habits of other learners?
    Not being a smartass here but you can only teach what you yourself have learned 8)
  6. There will be experienced riders along to give out the hints and tips ;)

    Hope to see you there.
  7. That way you will get to learn all the bad habits of experienced riders (which could be much much worse). :p
  8. Jimi - I'd love to help out, but I'm booked that day. What I -CAN- do though is to scan in the test form which I have on my desk and email it to you. Has all the patterening, etc on it.
  9. sofar we have myself and flipper to help out. i actually thought we'd just be going over what you'll be doing in the test but i spose a bit of rider re-edumacashun wouldn't go astray. i'll ave a chat with flip and see what she thinks about what we should go over.

    was thinking maybe just some exercises related to the test and some pointers to help out with riding habits? i'm pretty bad with explaining things sometimes so i think it might be best to start small :LOL:
  10. There are experienced riders coming along and we will be mainly running over the P's test. It is also an opportunity for any other concerns of L platers to be raised and hopefully addressed.
  11. Voyager - thanks for the offer, I found the test details on the internet though, so I have a copy here.

    Coconuts - I though we could touch on a few riding techniques. Help Learners get rid of their chicken strips ;) :LOL: I am sure learners have heaps of questions to ask someone with experience which will take up most of the session. ;)
  12. It's not far from my place, so I'll come along too and lend some experienced advice.
  13. bonza.... thats 3 of us then.

    depends on how many ppls we have, but we might be able to split it off into a couple of groups and run over things a bit more quickly. i know one of the probs i had when i was doing it was that we spent more 90% of the time waiting for your next turn :?
  14. I plan to drop by, just in case anyone would like to know how to mono, or learn burnouts and figure 8's.
  15. on a scooter? damn, you are good eh :shock: :LOL:
  16. Jason please don't show them how to fall off............ :LOL:
  17. the ground surface at the stock yards is not to good in places. This area is also used for L plate car drivers good to watch. The trucks schools in the Dandenong area also use the area for reversing on saturdays.
  18. Hey Jimi. I'm there mate...

  19. I may come along as well - to learn how to countersteer better (swerves).
  20. Yea I think I can make it. I need to practice those emergency stop and counter-steering.