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Bike Photos and Drawings

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by jd, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Stumbled across a website entitled Motorcycles of the 20th Century - doesn't have anything in the way of specs/info but does have a good collection of 1024x768 pictures. The drawings section is particularly interesting - especially the "ghosted" images.

  2. Very cool :) :)
  3. Ain't it great, memories, memories!!!
  4. The Estrella is the prettiest bike I've seen for ages - a retro BSA Bantam, in the same way that the W650 captured (IMHO) the style of the Bonnie.

    AND...damn, i'm getting excited...it is a single. 66x73 - oh, well, not square, but you can't have everything. Twin drums, yummy!

    As for the W1, the Japanese never quite got the tank right in the early days, did they? And the instrument binnacle is atrocious. Still, that TLS front wheel would look damn fine on my SR.
  5. I think their trouble in those days was they could copy anything they liked, but they didn't ask whether what they were copying was succesful on the original.

    Then they did some 'out there' things that weren't copies at all, but still strange; remember the square forks on the '64 - '65 Honda Dream?
  6. ....which is why Henderson doesn't come just before Honda in the list of current manufacturers :D
  7. Now THAT would provoke some jealousy on Friday night at Southbank (assuming it got there!!)
  8. Jealousy or perplexity? Anyone know anything about 'em?
  9. Nope, it's a 650cc. Also known as the NTV650 Revere.
  10. very similar chassis though witht the cast frame etc.