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Bike/Person Height Help

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Golliwog, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone
    I just joined the forums, but have been browsing for the past year and would just like to thank you all for everything ive learned. This place is great.

    I just got my unrestricted lisence and am going shopping for a 600 /1000cc sports bike in a few days. I wont have time to sit on all the bikes and am just wondering what you guys think when it comes to rider height.

    I would love to try a R6 but am unsure whether it would be safe / look normal since im 6'4 (not a big guy though). I would prefer a 600 i think but if its too small ill just get a 1000.

    Thanks all, Alex
  2. I had an interesting experience with seat height.

    I went on a ride with ToeCutter et alia to Wollombi. After the burger he asked if he could have a go on my VStrom 650 back to Kulnura. That meant I had to ride his bike. This impressed the hell out of me as I've only ridden round the block compared with his around the world relatively speaking. His bike is a Husqvarna TE610. It's a dual purpose highway and dirt bike and the seat is MILES in the air.

    I said I'd have to see if I could ride it before we took off, fully expecting to have to dismount when I came to a halt like on a push bike. Anyway I jumped on with a view to riding around the little space available in front of the pub and had a great laugh when the bike went down a foot when I sat on it.

    So you can't judge a seat by its height.
  3. Either you weigh 1/2 a tonne or toecutter has some seriously soft preload. A bike like the TE610 setup for the road shouldn't sink more than 100mm with rider load, even a bike setup for the dirt should only have 130mm sag.

    ...but this is about tall people on little bikes, not midgets on normal bikes. :p

  4. From memory sitting on them just recently the R6 was actually higher than the R1.

    You can get suspension raising links btw.
  5. I've ridden the 06 GSXR600 and the thou, and the litre is definietly smaller.
  6. I think the R6 has better ergonomics...
    You see lots of old blokes on them in Tassie :cool: :twisted:
    ...or maybe try an FZ1??
    Btw,Are you into big trailie adventurers..??
  7. Not into trail adventures.
    But ill be going on long rides and track days so id like to be comfortable.
    Sat on the R6 and and it was ok but im not sure how id hold up spending hours on it. Sat on a busa too, but A) i cant afford one and 8) i dont think itd be the greatest track bike. soooo comfy though
  8. If you haven't already, try sitting on a CBR600F4i, I'm 6'5 and it seems to have been the best fit out of a ZX-9R, Z750, TRX850 that I've ridden so far... I'm also hunting for something like what you're talking about, haven't tried the R6 yet.