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Bike Parking - Pitt St Syd

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grange, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. This pic has been sent to me today, for discussion.

    If you were one of the bikes parked at the back, and came out to ride away, only to find two bikes have blocked you in, what would you do?? within reason.

    I have been told that the R6 was there this morning, and still there at lunchtime....


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  2. I would have commandeered a couple of able-bodied people, moved them both out into the main traffic stream and ridden away...
  3. Done this before, with a very apologetic (LOL NOT REALLY) note.

    **** people like that.
  4. push them over and laugh.. lol lol .. what a bunch of dumb shyts...

    btw the motorcycle expo is in a few weeks in town where can i park for the exhibition center
  5. just go over the footpath
  6. Well it looks like 4 of the bikes are rear to the curb, and one front on.
    Not many people would be comfortable to try and lift the back of the bike, up the curb, especially whilst there is other bikes next to theirs.
    Unless those bikes have a reverse gear, riding over the curb is not much of an option....
  7. Good question. I'd like to say that I'd have to move 'em to get my bike out, but what is the protocol here?? I don't like touching other peoples property as I don't like em touching mine. But it does seem arrogant/inconsiderate to park someone in like this.
  8. I thought that everyone could lift their bike.

    Ok between the scoot nose to kerb and the vstrom there is a space. The bike there got out. How did they get out.

    Also were the bikes locked? I actually parked like this at the bottlo the other day but left the bike unlocked as was only going to be 5.
  9. i think you're allowed to move the bike, the person has parked it in a ridiculous spot which has inconvenienced others, as such get it out of the way!
  10. I would kindly push their bike into the adjoining no stopping area...

    Every other man and his dog will probably be also looking for bike parking, why not just catch a train? It's only 15 mins sorta thing to Darling Harbour walking from Central station...
  11. This is ridiculous. Most likely the bikes at the front have their steering locks engaged and may be break pad locks in as well. No way you can then easily push them away. Pushing the bikes over is a bit drastic and can get you into trouble (even though it's their own fault). I would lift them up on the back and drag them around a bit, to make enough space to get through. Bend their mirrors over and - if you've got it with you - write a message in black texta (waterproof if possible) on their tank!
  12. If you can lift their bike why wouldn't you just lift your own bike onto the footpath?
  13. yeh i did think about the train but takes like just over an hr to get there from my joint on a train... mmmm think its the better way to go tho... cheers mate