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Bike parking on slope - won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. So this is an old problem - shoulda asked a while back :LOL:

    g/fs bike is a little xt250, new. We had huge amounts of trouble getting it started and when it did it ran like a dog.
    so we backed and forthed to the bike shop each time they had no problems iwth it (the mechanic started eying me off as an idiot) eventually got it re-jetted but still had the problem though a little less.
    It isn't a problem anymore coz we ride it 3/4 time a week (at first ti was about once a week) and this seems to help things.

    I sturck on the idea that the problem could be cause be the fact it is parked in a reasonably steeply sloped garage. It hasn't caused any problems for The SV650, was wondering if it(the slope) would cause any problems for a smaller bike...
  2. I dunno, try parking it backwards in there and see if it helps.
  3. :LOL: need a reverse on the bike... i knew i should have bought a goldwing

    yeh the slope is enough that parking it downhill would result in a dropped bike :(
  4. Slopes can affect bikes with multiple carbs as all the juice can run to one and flood it, i know my GPz refuses to start if i leave her on the side stand overnight...
  5. I hope I'm being premature here and that my problem will go away.......but, I just a bought a new GPX250, and am having a similar problem (except my bike is not parked on a slope). When I first started it up, 2 days after getting it, could not get the thing to stay running (it had been very cold). The choke did not appear to be working, and ended up having to keep the throttle up myself, for quite some time. My husband intervened (blaming it on a woman!) he had the same trouble and when he tried to put into first, it conked out. Once it warms up, it seems fine though, but takes about 3 mins of throttling to get it to keep going on idle. Happened the next day too. So hubby took it back. They had a look at it and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. So we picked it up - started OK, they said it was the first time it was started that day, so things seemed fine.

    2 days later, tried to start it up and same problem again.

    But fluffy bunny feet says here that her/his?? GPZ won't start if left on the side stand overnight - could this be my problem? I was also leaving the GPX on the side stand.

  6. I was told that the current bike ae running very lean with the current petrol mix in Australia (hence why they rejetted the bike) that is possibly what is causing the problem?
  7. how do I test this out? do I try higher octane petrol or something? (please forgive me for being completely clueless) :oops:
  8. if it is a new bike under warranty, you don't, they -the dealer- do. If you continue to have problems with the bike, they need to fix it. i guess that is the attitude I took with the XT, they will of course try make you feel like a fool especially if you can't replicate the problem.
    an idea if you are having the problem -video tape it to prove and give them an idea of what is happening
  9. Yea that happens on my GPz but thats got 4 carbs, I never had that issue on my GPX250, although it did have idling issues when cold, i just kept it up by hand untill she was warm, a bit of spitfire helped a whole bunch tho!
  10. my gpx250 had idling issues when cold for a couple of minutes but a carb adjust ie mixture screws solved this.

    but your bike being new, do you 0kms new or a new used bike that you own?

    sidestand over night and while at work never affected my bike ever.
  11. Hi
    yes, it was a brand new bike. Started it up last night, it wasn't quite so bad, and with a few good revs, the choke did seem to work. It does seem to take a long time to warm up though, but I guess that may be the nature of the bike (the only other bike I have tried to start from cold is the hyosung aquila, and that is really sweet from the word go). I will just have to keep an eye on it. How long should I expect it to take to warm up the GPX, til I can let the choke off without it cutting out?

    Sorry Russ, I should've started another thread.
  12. A bodgy thermostat can create longer warm-up times though I'd doubt it being a new bike.

    When starting a cold bike, it's best to keep revs as low as possible to keep it going, just a touch over idle. Most of the wear&tear over an engines life is at start up(not exactly but get the drift)
  13. How long are you warming it up for helent?

    I've got a new Yamaha Virago 250 and it takes about 5 mins to warm it up in the morning. Any less and it stalls. I left the choke on this morning for about 20 seconds...and then let bike idle for another 4/5 minutes...I think I could even let it idle another minute or two.

  14. Hi Rosie - yes I seem to have to have the choke on for about 5 mins before I can let it off a bit. I was just a bit surprised after the aquila which started great all the time.

    Now I just have to make sure that the choke is actually working properly (as said before, occasionally the choke doesn't seem to want to keep the revs up at all and just dies, even with the choke up full).
  15. *mutter**mutter*
    damn thread terrorists. hijacking my thread.

    never fear, I am alert, but not alarmed.

    back on topic though.

    XT250, slope, not starting (the bike , not the slope)...
  16. i parked my zzr on a downhill slope today and it just would not start. i only left it a little while. it was still warm when i returned.
    nothing would get it going...
    sorry to plant this in here it made me think regarding the slope etc:
    i didn't realise bikes had issues being parked on slopes.
    is this really an issue? if so maybe someone could explain