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bike parking in brisbane city

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dexxl, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. hi, i'm just wondering if anyone knows the locations of free bike parking in brisbane city?

    i've heard of afew but no one can tell me excately where they are. also are they free for bikes and scooters or just scooters?

    i'm still debating if i should get a bike or a scooter since they cost about the same *cough* mojito 125..

    while i'm here....

    anyone else went to a similar decision process between bike and scooter care to elaborate on your thoughts as to why you ended up with what you did?
  2. Hey mate,

    I have moved back to Syd but when I was up there, alot of bikes park on the footpath (free) on Turbot St under the bridge. Its both scooters and bikes.

    Get in early though, I used to turn up at 7:50am and it was nealy full. That's the main one that I know of

  3. Also mate,

    Just seen your question in regards to scooter VS motorbike.

    It really depends on what your useage is going to be. If you live close to the city scooters will be good if your only riding to and from work.

    I personally would go for a bike :twisted: They have better braking power and stability so my opinon much safer. oh and forgot to mention the fact they are fast and alot of fun. You can go on long rides Etc on bike not on scooters.

    Bikes: CBR250RR or VT250 good bike to start on.
  4. In Brisbane I just park where I see a bunch of other bikes. Pretty slack really. Once or twice I have parked in automated car parks without paying cause the boom ticket machine wouldn't spit out a ticket and raise up for my bike. So thats always an option too :)

    As for Scooter vs Motorcycle. Do you have a motorcycle license yet? If not just get licensed so it gives you all the options and then see how you feel after doing some riding.

    A friend of mine has had a sportsbike and now rides a scooter to work for commuting. He chose the scooter for practical reasons after he sold his Ninja when he became a father. Two years without a bike he is now considering a cruiser. See ... he couldn't stay away.
  5. hi, thanks for the replies.

    turbot street is kinda far away from where i work, which means i'd probably rather keep taking the bus instead :p

    for some reason, i keep thinking it takes less energy to ride a scooter. so i'm still leaning towards the mojito. i live in woolloongabba so it's not far at all. actually if i wasn't so damn lazy i should really just ride a push bike to work....

    with licensing, i believe it's cheaping to get a license for scooter? as in $170 for scooter vs $600+ for a bike?

    also, since i'm askin all sortas nOOb questions. how much does it cost to register the scooter? is it more expensive for bikes?

    will probably get one in about a month's time after i sell my jeep. incidentally, anyone looking for a 2000 jeep wrangler?
  6. Well curiously you've stumbled on a forum, where people love riding, asking for 'practical advice' ... and while we do have some ideas about what is the cheapest form of transport, we (and this is the impression I get) are way more inclined to advise you to get a motorcycle license and beg borrow or NOT steal a motorcycle to ride ... just because they are fun.

    Also I have to tell you that riding an unprotected two wheel vehicle in a sea of steel boxes on skates can be dangerous to your health ... so consider wether being lazy and wanting to save money is a great reason to put your life at risk.

    I asked if you had a motorcyle license because you will need one to ride a scooter larger than 50cc. A licence is a different issue to having vehicle registration. I can fully recommend getting a motorcycle license.

    As for registration. In QLD the rego fee is a flat rate for all two and wheeled vehicles so there is no great saving on a scooter there. You will prolly save money on insurance though and scooters are easier to ride but ... gee thats about all the practical stuff I can stomach for now.

    My personal experience ... four months ago I used to get the train to work but now I ride and its 10X better because its more fun.

    A Jeep wrangler at the right price might be interesting they look like some fun too ... got pics and an idea of how much?
  7. Scooter is most practical by far (easy and cheap) but boring. I used a scooter (sportcity 200) to commute to work for about 6 months and went back to a bike.

    corner Sharlotte str and Albert
    Margaret st (opposite Port Office)
    QUT at gardens point (used to be under the bridge now along point rd past the roundabout)
    Under the bridges (corners North Quay and Turbot and NQ and Ann)
    on Turbot str at the train station (semi-legal from what I understand)
    people also park on william on the footpath opposite the casino (also semi-legal)

    The first two get filled up pretty quickly so you have to be early to get a spot.

    There is a map floating around. Seek and you shall find.
  8. what about near south bank?
  9. there is also the footpath parking on Adelaide Street, corner of Wharf (outside of 340 Adelaide Street).

    as for bike vs. scooter, I'd suggest getting your bike license as other dudes have suggested, even if it's just to get a bit of road skills up... honestly, it is well worth it for your personal safety/piece of mind.

    You can get your Qride license (a one day course, everything supplied to you) for $250 on a weekend, or $230 on a weekday. They will obviously not pass you if you're doing dumb stuff or are not a good rider, but the instructors are so experienced that they really do get you picking it up (and by "it" I mean everything!) quickly. On the day I went, there were 7 people at the course (pro-honda rocklea) and 3 passed.

    I personally think that you'll get a little taste of the motorcycle, and swing that way!

    good luck :)
  10. be careful if you park here. They don't seem to mind if you stay on the little corner bit thats attached to the cliff, but they will ticket you if you are anywhere else - this includes the little footpath area between the exit/entry lanes of the car park, or behind the bus stop