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Bike Parking at Vic Bike Expo - its a 1km walk away

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. For anyone going to the Bike Expo at Jeffs Shed, be warned - you will not be allowed to park on the footpath - you will be forced to park about 1 km away and take a long walk...

    Now, as M/Cs are legally allowed to park on the footpath in Vic - I would like to know if there any riders who are upset about this infringement of our "hard fought right to park on the footpath".

    Having had this right threatened before, I feel incensed that riders are being forced to park and walk - when I believe they have a right to park on the footpath near the Expo itself. I can't believe that the Expo Security guards have the right to tell riders they can't park on the footpath.

    I know that this should probably be in Politics Thread - but I need some quick feedback (and more people are likely to read this if it is put here) to ascertain whether we need to make a noise to the media about this (because talking to anyone else will be a waste of time).

    If nobody is upset - then, I won't waste my time.......
  2. Say what??? You're kidding! I always have parked at various expos right by the front steps without any issues. I was planning on riding there tonight, but if I have to park in BFE (butt fcuking egypt) I might as well take the bloody car!

    Do they have signs up?
  3. I guess it depends if the expo owns that area
  4. I noticed a lot of bikes parked across the road (near the fountains thing at crown casino) and down the road a bit. Nowhere near a KM walk. I reckon to save a walk, park around those areas if possible :grin:


    The signpost out front says FREE MC parking in Munro street. Sorry if this has been mentioned, I didn't see it in the click glance I had as an afterthought when I did the post.
  5. I was thinking there's gotta be other footpath area's closer than 1km
  6. Not being familiar with the area you are talking about (being from Sydney) perhaps I am out of line to suggest that if everyone parked their bikes out the front on the footpath then the pathways to get in and out would all be blocked? Especially as its the Bike Expo you'd be expecting loads of people to come on their own bikes. They might be worried about people being able to evacuate safely in case of fire?

    My understanding of the footpath parking law that you have is that you are legally allowed to park there as long as it is not causing an obstruction to pedestrian traffic? Could that be what they are invoking when asking people to park elsewhere?

    The last time I went to the Bike Expo here in Sydney there were literally thousands of bikes in the carpark. While I reckon it would be awesome to be allowed to park on the footpath, if we had, no-one would have been able to get in or out!!!!

    there is free Motorcycle Parking available at rear of the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
    From here
    Walk in the back door.
  8. Exactly what I was wondering about - there's normally always free bike parking at the rear of the building - I was assuming from the OP that it must not be available!

    Well, crisis averted :beer:
  9. There might be free parking - but there is a building site between the bike park and the back door of the Expo.

    You have to walk the long way around the building site to get in - its a 10 - 15 min hike......
  10. You poor sods in Sydney don't know how good it is down here - or how hard we have fought to retain our "footpath parking rights."

    As I see it the Security Guards are the ones who have taken it upon themselves to force riders to go elsewhere.

    I feel pretty strongly about them infringing on our right top park....
  11. If it's on their land I guess they have the right. At least (from what you're saying) they're telling people rather than just hitting them with a ticket.

    On the other hand, the adjacent footpath is council-owned and unless the MCC erects signs specifically banning MC parking, then not much the organisers can legally do about the footpath proper, I would have thought.
  12. From the parking area in Munro St you have to walk out onto Normamby Rd and all the way to the front door.

    The back entrance faces onto the building site I mention previously.

    Total distance to walk - about 1.2 km +
  13. Hi John, as most of he footpaths around there are "owned" by either Crown or the Exhibition people we may not have much of a chance to win this. Also I bet you that they will use the "safety/terror" angle as well to justify it. I used to love parking across from Crown in that big area next to jeff's shed. PIA for all motorcyclists.

    John I for one will work around this and it wont cause much of a headache. But we do need to ensure that this does not happen more and more at these "special" events!

    OH and unless it the council who has erected signs then the goons at bracks shack can get fcuked. They can't legally do a thing as long as we are within the law.

    So we shold let them know that brumby's barn that hey can tell us not to park on their land but on on MCC land too bad mate
  14. Yes, I agree that we will have to work around it - and there isn't time to make any noise about it for now.

    Maybe someone can call 3AW on Monday morning on Ross and John's "Muck on the Pluck" segment etc.

    Hopefully, the word will get around today and there will be a core of riders go to the Expo and refuse to comply on the grounds that "there is no signage to say we can't" etc.

    But - I don't encourage anyone to resort to inssurection etc.
  15. considering that too many bikes may get messy, it sounds reasonable. on normal occasion it's fine to park in frnt of the building
  16. My understanding is that the organisers don't want a seperate convention of racer boys and bling kings forming outside the show.
    They made mention of this sometime back.

    Seems to be their way of establishing a good relationship with the council.

    Eg. No wheelies, burnouts and stunting etc. etc.

  17. Exactly. There are areas 30m away from the front forecourt that we CAN park at without them being able to cause a fuss.

    I think the main issue they worry about is the fire/emergency/bombthreat exit area. They've got to get thousands of people out of the place in 60seconds or less, so they have to keep the forecourt and other exits relatively clear. That's understandable.

    But OTOH when it comes to council footpaths I'm gonna let them know I can park wherever the hell I like and only the council and the cops can argue with me.

    On another note, a mate had his (chained-up) bicycle stolen under the nose of a security guard on this very forecourt during the last expo. LOCK YOUR STUFF, and if it's expensive, take it in with you!
  18. Oh FFS!!! Your becoming as ignorant and beligerant as the brown leather wearing twat :twisted:

    I work at the MECC (Melb Exhibition and Convention Centre) and can tell you it's nothing like what the above is making it out to be.

    For a number of reasons, that includes OHS, fire requirements, council regulations, insurance claims, ad-hoc shine show starting, etc. the MECC owned area's that are approx. 25metres from the building cannot be m/cycle parked on during the m/cycle expo.

    There is Wilson parking right underneath the building (entrance off Normanby Rd), and those that remember my posts from last year about the expo, will remember about not having to worry about the parking charges. Park in the very Nth West corner (turn left after you've entered and head for door 10) of the underneath parking and it's at most a 25 mtr walk up the stairs to the expo entrance .. far less even than the 180mtr walk that it is from the cordened off area that the clown above is referring too.

    If the underneath parking is not good enough for you, then you can still park 30mtr's away from the building along the Yarra foreshore or the surrounding footpaths.

    http://www.mecc.com.au/resources/documents/MECC_location_map_0507.pdf is the map.
  19. By your comment "not having to worry about" the parking charges underneath - sorry didn't see your posts from last year - do you mean they waive them for motorbikes?
  20. Well I'm not going now! :p :p