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Bike parking at the 'G'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if any netriders have parked close to the MCG in the past.

    I am doing some casual chef work there from Mon till Final day and will be entering the stadium at gate G (just off Brunton Ave) I don't think you can turn right from Brunton. There is a raised medium strip?

    Obviously I don't want to park where all the public may handle or heaven forbid sit on my VFR.
    Have considered parking around the Vodafone arean off Swann st then walking across the pedestrian bridge.
    Does anyone have any (helpfull!!) suggestions?

    I'm all ears.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Look for all the other bikes parked and park it there.
    Safety in numbers.
  3. I usually try to park next to something a bit flash that will attract the idiots rather than having them attracted to my bike.

    A red VFR usually works well :LOL:
  4. when matches are on, the main enterance is the place to park, last time I was there there was a security guy stationed out by the bikes by the street, twofold for looking after bikes and the vendor area, i was quite impressed that the security had taken this into account.

    Edit: Bike parking along brunton avenue, by the street, near gate 6.
  5. Many thanks guys.

    GreyBM you are such a stirrer. Bad Bad Man!! LOL :wink:

  6. One tries to do one's best.
  7. Given this thread is 5 years old now, does anyone know if gate 6 is still the best place to park your bike? Thinking of riding in next Saturday for a twilight game?
  8. I park between the Ponsford and MCC, on the gravel near light tower 6. There's a ton of bikes there for big games.

    Come in Wellington Parade, turn into Jolimont Road, then left at Jolimont St to the pickup & drop-off loop. Ignore the traffic signs, they let the bikes through.
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  9. Thanks, will do that this week.
  10. Hi guys, was thinking about riding into the footy from now on was seeing if anyone has done it before?

    I hate public transport and being on the bike it takes half as much time to get home in the traffic as it does a car, so i might venture in on the bike.

    Any ideas on where to park and how much it is for a bike?

  11. I always ride to the footy (GO TIGES!) and parking is a breeze. You can park outside gate 1 or gate 3. Just rock up and look for the other bikes. BTW if you get there early enough you can turn down Brunton Ave before they close it for pedestrians.

    Riding is the ONLY way to get to the footy.(y)

    PS.Parking is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. thanks for the link, might give it a go tonight :)

  13. So I rode in on friday night for the first time to the Mcg, was so easy and the parking is free. Heaps better than driving or getting public transport. Will be doing this from now on every time at the g.

    Questions about etihad though, where is the best spot to park there??
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  14. I do some freelance work at Etihad best spot is
    as you come down village st and stop at the lights with Bourke st to your right and left , (you will see the big car park entrance )
    Look back over your right shoulder .you will see a large glass building with a over hang on the Corner . I park there under cover . So it's Village st 200mt back from the stadium .

    Keep it to yourself :)

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