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Bike parking at Brisbane Airport?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TRA, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Anyone got any idea if there is cheap parking at BNE domestic terminal? Got to fly to adelaide for the day tomorrow and dont really want to drive to the airport.

  2. just an idea... have you tried calling them?
  3. I've used the motorcycle parking twice now. :)

    Parking in the "long term" domestic parking, behind the unfinished multistorey parking lot.

    Motorcycle parking is on the "exit" row of the carpark, where the security boomgates/pay booth reside, just past/adjacent to the carwash/valet area.

    Park up, then walk to the pay booth and ask to have your parking ticket validated.

    Then go on your holiday and return days later - ride up to the pay booth and show them your shiny validated ticket, and pay them the discounted motorcycle rate. :)

    For my Friday-afternoon departure, return-Sunday-midday trips it's only been $20 to park, versus $850 for car parking for the same period.
  4. Thanks for that, exactly what I was chasing!!
  5. I'm not familiar with the lockers myself... TBH I usually just partially squid to the airport and put what gear I do wear (helmet, jacket, gloves) into my bike's lockable topbox.
  6. I parked there the week before last when I went down to Canberra. In the walkway from the long term carpark to the domestic terminal there were people doing surveys on parking at the airport. As it happens they give you a $10 off your parking voucher. Which for a car would make it $30 for the day instead of $40.

    Presented it to the lady as I was leaving, she didnt know what to do given that parking's $10 anyways, told me I was the first bike to have presented one of them.

    Ended up getting a free park for the day :)

    If anyone needs more clear directions to where the parks actually are btw, you follow the "ParkLONG" signs, which take you in the bottom floor of the multi-storey carpark. Go straight a while, the bike parking is just on the other side of the carwash on that level. You then take your ticket down to the booth and the attendant stamps it to say you're getting the discounted rate.
  7. Surely you have a mate or two that owes you a couple of lifts. Hit them up! Good info to know, but I really don't trust anyone at Brissy airport parking...
  8. The Train isn't an option??

    I've only come and gone out of Brissy in a Renter so don't know how the public car park works.
  9. I ended up getting the wife to drop me off because it was pissing down. Was to much effort once wet weather gear was added into the eqation.

    pvda, the train takes to long for me. I am 15mins up the highway from the airport. The train means a change at eagle junction and the journey is probably an hour.
  10. I remember being able to exit via a pedestrian entrance once, though they have done a bit of work around so dunno if it's changed at all as I havn't been there for ages.
  11. I know this is an old thread but was just wondering if anyone has used this parking lately? Are the costs more/less/same? Cheers:]
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    It still exists! I use it now and then. Much much cheaper than the car parking rate.

    The main change is that in the past you could go to the 'Ground level' office boomgates on the exit onto Dryandra road and have your ticket validated there by the person manning the payment booth at the boomgate. These days it's rare that that office is occupied, as that ground level office is no longer a ticket-payment booth like it was Back In The Day.

    I've marked up a diagram to show where the two validation offices are. BEHOLD MY MS PAINT SKILLS. There is one on Level 3 just behind the ticket-payment machines at the end of the skybridge. The office window may not be attended but they have an intercom there. The other one is still at the exit of Dryandra Road on the Ground floor at the middle of P2, but it's rarely attended. i.e. probably best to just use the Level 3 one behind the ticket machines at the end of the Skywalk.

    I must confess that I've never quite figured out where the motorcycle parking bays in P1 Long are, if they even exist. :p

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