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Bike parking around Aussie Stadium (Syd) ???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. I'm there tomorrow night to watch the Sydney United v Melbourne United game.

    Anyone know of bike parking spots around Aussie Stadium ???

    Its eastern suburbs. Surely the local council have allocated plenty of Scooter parking !! :grin:
  2. Don't know about the parking, but I'll also be there. Go the Bling!
  3. Bling ??

    what bling ?
    Its the first A-League game i'm going to.
    I'll be in seating F, apparently some members concorse or something.
  4. Sorry mate. Thought you may have been a regular. Sydney FC are known as Bling because they are the most cashed up club in the comp. Enjoy the game. It's the closest we get to a derby in this country.
  5. I think there is bike parking at Fox Studios.
    i'm going to check it out when i get out of the office in like 10mins.
  6. Im also there with the family today but cant remember any bike parking, ive seen bikes parked with the cars ont he oval but its not cheap.

  7. i will be there fu$kers, so call me!
  8. woohoo !
    Netrider meet !!

    I always try to share around my freebie event tickets. haggis is coming with me tonight.

    Look out for the TEAM NAKED (HORNET MONSTER chapter) !! :rofl: