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Bike over taking and car cut it off

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by hairycucumber, Mar 30, 2007.

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  2. IMHO the bike rider was at least as responsible as the car.

    We have to take some responsibility, it;s rarely ever "cut 'n dry", and remember how vulnerable you are on a bike.

    The rider should have been prepared for the possibility of the car pulling out quickly, not just assume the car will stay there, is that speedo kph or mph? If mph, they're way too close. In either case, way too close at point of overtaking, proven by the lack of time/space the rider had to respond to the situation.

    Note.. respond, not react, you respond when you've received all the info you need to plan out your options, you react when you don't have the time/space/information to respond

    Yes the car driver should have checked, but doesn't mean you can assume they will. Did the car move left because of something on the road, therefore no time to indicate/look?

    The bike rider moved across the line as soon as they could. Not giving themselves time to get all the info they could. Should have just paused a second or so, made sure the car was staying put, then gone. 1 second means they're out there having fun still, not in hospital, or DEAD

    Just my opinion.....
  3. hmmm.. interesting.

    Looks like they both equally are to blame. Maybe more so the driver
    who should have checked before starting the overtaking maneuver :?

    Just one of those things & bad luck for the rider.
  4. Bike to close but cage driver should have known the bike was up his arse. I have paused a few times and been thankful I did.
  5. How you folks can attribute any blame to the rider is beyond me :shock:

    The car driver should have checked to see that it was safe to pass. Clearly this didn't happen.

    The rider was behind the car for at least 10 seconds before the collision. Most likely a few more second prior to what we see.

    The car driver should have know what was behind them prior to pulling out.
  6. SHOULD have, but obviously didn't, so the rider, to stay alive, should have protected themselves. Too many times we read/hear about what the car SHOULD have done, but not often what the rider could have done.

    Why did the car pull out? We assume to overtake, but maybe it was to avoid something. In fact, look at the smaller shadow just in front of the car, too small for another car, maybe another bike that just got into trouble? (too fast for a pushbike) We don't know, we assume the car was wrong because we ride bikes.

    What I saw in that clip was what I see on a ride most weekends, a rider assuming every other road user knows what the bike is doing, and is fully aware of everything else on the road, when every day we read/hear of another bike down "cos they didn't see me", or "weren't paying attention"

    Just a bit of time and space thats all, the fun is still the same.

    If you're near a car, any time, treat it like it's got every STD known to science.
  7. Change the bike into a semi (or even a cop car) and then ask whose at fault it is :roll:
  8. Exactly Toecutter, good point, but we're defenseless, figuratively and physically,
    if we don't watch out for our own welfare, who will?

    I got a wife and daughter, & enjoy life, I'm not gunna risk that just to be the first person to overtake in the situation shown on that short flic.

    We don't know but the poor ol bike rider may have had a stinkin' great semi bearing down fast behind, and felt the risk of overtaking was the lesser of too evils, we're assuming the situation.
  9. haha very true.

    definitely the cars fault but rider should assume cars to do stupid stuff.
  10. I watched this a few times.

    The car immediately in front of the red car goes to the right, so much so that when he initially overtakes the red car you can't see it anymore. I wonder therefore if the red car was trying to avoid the car immediately in front of it.

    As regards blame, who cares when it's you who suffers? No point being right and dead is there?

    And the responsibility DOES lay on both parties.

  11. thats it in a nutshell
  12. I agree I think its deceptive. There is something in front of the red car. There is more to this than is obvious at first glance. Its not a simple case of someone pulling out in front of a biker. But its a good reminder of how quickly things can turn to shit if you are not riding defensively.

    I have had this happen to me before, and I will take part of the blame for it, but only in that I was not riding defensively enough.

    I rounded a bend and came up on two cars fairly fast. First straight, I pull out to overtake - and as I am level with the second car, she moves out to overtake too! In the confusion and panic, enough time had elapsed for oncoming car to be heading straight for me.

    The look in the drivers eyes told me she had no idea I was there. She hadn't checked over her shoulder (like all good bike riders do), and I doubt whether she had even checked her mirrors.

    I have a bloody noisy bike - but its no defense against a car that has the windows up and the CD blaring.
  13. OUCH i know his pain the exact same thing happend to me but wif a P plater VL! the rear end of the car hit the front wheel of my bike and i flipped ova the handel barz... it hurt :(
  14. ... man... this vid just gave me an abreaction... I've had the front lose traction for whatever reason a few times now...

    CJ, well bloody spotted. There is a car immediately infront of the red car which the red car was tailgating... and add that the rider was tailgaiting the red car... and you have a text book set up for something to go wrong.

    The rider has to wear some blame.

    He could clearly see the red car tailgating (that would send my spider senses off big time!!) which means the red driver is antsy and frustrated - and likely to do something erratic... so you'd be bloody cautious as a rider...

    The red car has left themself very little time to respond to the white car, and the rider has left himself virtually no time to respond to the red car... so do the math?!!!

    The sudden red car movement suggests avoidance for whatever reason probably without time for a head check and the rider's impatience ended up catching him out this time.

    ... irrespective of the blame though, a rider is only ever morally in the right when they're hurt by someone else's mistake...

    Golden robsalvv roadcraft rule number 1: Space, space, space. Be infront, be well behind, but as far as possible, never beside...

    Break the rule at your own peril.
  15. maybe the car driver was using this.............


    and it spilt?
  16. car driver = tool... feel bad for the rider...
    when i watched it, i had this sinking feeling in my stomach...
  17. Definition of a moron driver.

  18. The rider could have avoided that eg slammed the brakes on and ducked around the car to the right.
  19. :LOL:
  20. Seriously. Its time to get off the drugs dude. :p
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